And we're Seattle!

Dear Mom,
here are the promised pictures of the
finished living room floor

(well, almost finished) we still need
to polyeurethane a part of it and now
redo our baseboards and
paint our coffee table etc...
but the biggest part is finished...
and the promised pictures of my
flower arrangements.
I have a few orders to fill for Valentine's Day...
I'm quite excited about this business venture!

We leave for Seattle tomorrow morning--
please pray for safety!


  1. Wow, your arrangements are beautiful Sarah! I wish I had that kind of talent...unfortunately I just snip of the stems and stuff pretty flowers in a vase and HOPE that they look okay! Maybe one day you can give me lessons! ;)Have fun in Seattle!

  2. love your flower arrangements! You are so creative. I'm definitely NOT skilled in that area. Hope you all have fun in Seattle!

  3. Everything looks so beautiful and stylish...can you come decorate for's only what...a few hundred miles??? :)

  4. I love your arrangements!! You are so talented! We'll be praying for you; have a great time in Seattle. We need to get together soon. We miss seeing you guys. It's been since the middle of November. We're going to a diffrent church,and I miss all of you. Keep in touch.

  5. Very beautiful Sarah, if you don't mind my asking, how are you getting your orders? Just word of mouth? Or have you actually "started" a little company?

    Either way, I think it's fantastic and wish you all the best! You'll have to post more for us as you do them!

  6. hey gals--just a quick note from Seattle! Definitely great out here. thanks for the encouragement on the flowers;) Katie girl, I haven't 'officially' began my business--but I did put the samples at a show the other evening and collected orders from men there for their wives/girlfriends for Valentine's Day. I'm very excited about it--it is something that I would love to do for a full time job;)

    kristin--yes, let's get together very soon! Are you feeling okay after the accident? I've been thinking of you.

  7. Beautiful! I want lessons!

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