It's Ruined!

Well, I'm sure the family will laugh at the title of this post! Email Barb for the details;)

So yes, it's ruined. Steve has now successfully discovered the gifts that I had planned for him for the past two holidays! First, for Valentine's Day, I had very sneakily asked him dozens of questions to prepare the perfect "Lovopoly" game-board. I had come across this awesome website that personally designed a "Monopoly" game-board with all of your favorite places. We love to play games...and I knew he would think that it was unique and special. I even had it organized...from passing go to Park place. The first piece of land was 'San Francisco', our first date; "park place" was Boston--our favorite place we've ever been together and etc...

Steve NEVER checks the mail--he is ALWAYS at work by then. Yet, somehow my package was delivered on Saturday. I can still hear him saying..."hey Babe, what is Lovopoly?" I was bummed.

Tonight, Steve has been busily working on the hallway floor--scraping the remaining paint off the edges of the wood floor so that we can finish staining it tonight. The picture above is of an old telephone chair that we picked up for $3 and now sits in our hallway...and it has this n-e-a-t little hiding spot in it! PERFECT for Steve's Easter basket fillings!!! But of course as Steve was moving it out of the way tonight to tackle the last corner, he notices that it is heavier than usual, and so I hear the following from around the corner..."I don't think I was supposed to find that". Well, someday I will find the perfect way to surprise him!!! He still has one surprise coming for Easter--besides his favorite mom-in-law coming for a visit!! He would have to work pretty hard to intercept this one! So maybe it is not completely ruined after all.


  1. Very funny! Well at least he is surprised...just a little early, that's all!

  2. I LOVE the chair! It is so cute! You know, Jeremy has a way of finding out his surprises, too :) Oh well; at least we try! By the way, I also love the picture of you and Skye from your last post. She looks completely happy to be with her aunt!

  3. That's just how it goes sometimes doesn't it!! James and I tried to suprise each other for our anniversary last year and we both found out about each others gifts! Have you tried out the game?

  4. Jess, we haven't played our game yet..."Lovopoly" is just the actual board--and we don't own "Monopoly" as soon as we get the rest of the pieces, we'll play!;)

    So did James sing that song last night over at M & K's???????

  5. I hate when surprises are ruined...but it really is hard to hide things when it's just the two of you. I always put stuff in my closet and tell him not to look - which has worked so far - I think :)

    Hey - I haven't been able to ask you, but do you want to do a yard sale sometime soon? Let me know,


  6. Hey Julie--
    yes--and since I posted that, he found out the other surprise;) oh well...

    YES--let's do a garage sale. Would the last weekend in april or first weekend of May work for you?

  7. I'm sorry to hear about your surprises being ruined. You'll have to tell Steve not to be so nosy. J/K :)The game sounds like a fun idea!

  8. It is normally the opposite in our home. Don tries to plan different kinds of small trips or fun activities and I always seem to figure them out. The worst one was when he did his internship in Colorado Springs the summer of his Junior year at NBBC, he came home unexpectedly a week early. He called and was making plans to surprise me - which would have been one of the best ones ever - but he was talking to my step-dad and I went upstairs to get on the other phone and wait until they were finished talking, when I picked up the phone, my step-dad asked how the weather was in Colorado. Don said, "um, well, I'm not in Colorado anymore . . . I'm at home" My mind immediately began racing and I figured out he was coming over that week! Then my step-dad asks, "Katrina, did you hear that?" Both Don and my stomach dropped as I had to respond that I had.


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