Our really great weekend get-away...

We began our trip to Wilmington with a beautiful view of the blossoming trees on I-95...

we traveled to Wilmington for the occasion of SB's aunt's wedding
How wonderful it has been to see God orchestrate the events of these two special people! Through tragic circumstances of losing their spouses to cancer, God brought these friends together.
Almost all of us! We missed the California members!
SB's aunt and new uncle treated everyone to a wonderful water-side restaurant for dinner. The view was beautiful, the food wonderful, and the company was the best;)

Us kids;)

Steve's cousin and family. I first met them last year at the funeral of Will's brother, Clint, Aunt Bev's son. This family has been through many trials and it was so wonderful to be celebrating a very happy occasion with them!
Our very favorite Uncle Sam & Aunt Elaine
So...what do you do when you are traveling back in the middle of the night and you are getting very, very sleepy?
...You take silly self photos!

We arrived back at Dave & Sara's late late late...or should I say early early early?! We enjoyed seeing them, even though the time was short!
A yummy lasagna dinner!
And my favorite little Skye! She looked so pretty in her little purple dress!
And, finally, we made it back home to Miss Cal-girl....we missed her...but had a very wonderful weekend! So, what did ya'll do this weekend? Don and Katrina--we know what you guys were up to this weekend!!! You win the "Branine's best friends" prize;) Thanks again for watching Cali!


  1. Looks like a fun trip!! :) Our weekend....surviving our two year old! J/K...we went to the Mall of America for "family fun day" on Saturday AND it's been beautiful (finally) here in Wisconsin. We made it to the sixties and seventies! YEAH SPRING!!

  2. OOOOh nice pics!!! I LOVE that one of you and Skye I am going to steal it right off your blog!!!!

  3. well, Miss Sara, I guess I owe you one for the late evening arrivals;)) (thanks to Fedex!) So...yes you may steal that picture right off my blog;)

  4. I love the car pictures. Don and I have done that as well to beat the monotany of it all! We have no problem keeping Cali! We are just so thankful her boo-boo was common. We were beginning to think we were aweful dog-sitters. Godiva is looking for another play-date while Mom and Dad go to a Sunday School overnighter in Williamsburg the first weekend of April. Can Godiva come over and play that Saturday night and into Sunday? I would have approached you last night; however, our untrained leaper got all the attention. Sorry again! I think we may begin stopping people at the door and giving them a squirt bottle or something. This is embarrassing!

  5. hey Katrina--yes! that is totally fine with us;) And, if you think Godiva is untrained then I would hate to know what you think of Cal;) Hey, do you have the following weekend free to watch Cal? Don't worry if you can't!


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