weekly update...

Monday & Tuesday...Cal and I were 'bacheloretting'
it while SB had to go away for some job training...
it seemed that Cal fell into a little depression
while her favorite man was gone.
We were sure happy to see him again!

Saturday p.m. we hung out with some friends
and finally met cute, little Clive Vimy William Wilson....
welcome to the world, cutie-pie...
and sorry for the pink tissue paper on your gift!
Saturday, we painted our living room table,
attempted to hang a very large mirror,
but need longer screws, and we also painted
some peg board and hung most of our Starbuck's
colletion of mugs! We were happy with the outcome!
Today, we had our neighbors over for dinner...
she is due with their second this Wednesday!
Their little boy is such a cutie...and I have to admit,
Cal was a wonderful companion for him today!

We hope you have a wonderful week...
and for those of you who are memorizing
the verses with me, I've moved them to the side bar...


  1. I lOVE all of those mugs hung up-VERY cute- what a great idea.

  2. Love the peg board.... I have one too. Tim just won't let me put it up til we move to chicago... oh well. Yours is great though :o)

  3. hey gals-- I'm lovin' my peg board too! I was so excited that all 12 of our mugs fit perfectly on there...and then I discovered one more!!!! Oh well;)

  4. How are you? I feel like Seattle was so long ago now. We'll have to get together soon. What a cute pic of Cal on the bed! I'm glad you found a way to display your collection.

  5. hey Shannon;)

    Yes--things are going well...I'm sorry we didn't see you all this past weekend--it was just a c-r-a-z-y week--but I'm sure we'll be there next time;) We should do another "fedex" dinner sometime soon....you guys could just come over some week night for dinner?

  6. I am a big fan of your blog, and I think you have great taste in how you decorate your house. I am memorizing those verses right along with you. Keep up the great work babe, love you

  7. hi honey! thanks for your comment;) you so crazy! and I love ya! Can't wait to see you for dinner;)

  8. I love the peg board! You are so creative!

  9. Your mugs look great - I love the red color!

  10. Jess--actually, I s-t-o-l-e the idea from Julie and Amanda L.--THEY are the creative ones;)) But I surely am enjoying their idea;)!


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