What we were up to this week...

Trusting God, by Jerry Bridges... I know that many of you are familiar with the book--but I have been so challenged with this Ladies' Bible study. The way that God has used the book, notes & teacher is phenomenal! Just a few quotes from this past week's study are..."Prayer is the most tangible expression of trust in God" ... and this next one really made me think--because I complain about the following subject area quite a bit..."God has established physical laws by which He governs the forces of nature, but those laws continuously operate according to His sovereign will...Not only do we sin against God when we complain about the weather, we also deprive ourselves of the peace that comes from recognizing our heavenly Father is in control of it" ... and lastly, one that r-e-a-l-l-y struck me, "God never wastes pain" ...

This week was Steve's reading break...and I prayed specifically for God to help him get the things done that were on his 'reading list'. In addition to getting much seminary reading done, he surprised me by putting in brand spankin' new baseboards in our kitchen! Wonderful job, might I say!

On Saturday, a few of my private piano students participated in a festival and I was so proud of them! Playing for an experienced judge can be highly stressful...for the students and the teacher;) I was SO THANKFUL for the opportunity to sit down with the judge and PICK HER BRAIN over so many things! I gleaned so many helpful hints from her!

a committed boy--coming to play in between soccer games!
This picture is to prove to many of you what we have told you--but I don't think you fully believe us! YES, IT'S TRUE! Cal has to have a blanket covering her in order to go to sleep at night...apparently she needed to stretch a little;)

Just one last quote from pastor's message today that made me think...
"Revivalism is the Protestant ritual... "routinized"... Revival alters the lives of individuals"
--William McLoughlin

Have a very wonderful week!


  1. Nice blog -- can't wait to see the floor -- would have loved to have heard your students play

  2. Thank you for sharing what God is teaching you. That is so great that Stephen was able to get lots done and even put in baseboards! Wow!

    Nice picture of Cal! Hey, the weekend of March 24th is coming . . . do we get the chance to have Cal again?

  3. Jessica Breisch6:32 PM

    I just had to laugh at your last picture of Cal. I totally understand this because my puppy doesn't sleep at night unless he's under the covers and half the time he's napping I usually find him curled under something! :)

  4. hi Mom--glad you liked the baseboards;)

    Katrina--hey! I know--I am so proud of my hubby;) Yes, yes, yes! Would you guys mind still keeping Cal? I'll call with the details;) thanks again!

    Jess--hey ma'am! I know--isn't Cal a mess? I saw on your blog the pictures of your baby;) How cute....we treat Cal like a baby as well...and I know people think we're pretty crazy;) I think that her blanket ritual comes from her early days of life as a puppy-- she was found with her siblings and Mom underneath an abandoned house. And we've been told that she probably feels "safe" underneath things;))

  5. We'd be glad too!! Yeah, play date for Godiva! Call me!

  6. I'm excited to see your new projects soon. In case Rob forgets to tell Steve - he and Steve Schwartz are tiling Thursday and Friday - if he wants to check it out, he's more than welcome!

  7. Julie--oooo I am excited for you! I know the tile will look GREAT--I'll let S know about it....and I've been thinking of you this week--sorry to hear about your grandpa. We'll be praying for your family

  8. Anonymous3:05 PM

    Hey Sarah,

    Have you ever checked out The Music Tree series by Francis Clark?
    I use it and I LOVE it. It teaches intervals first before letter reading. The kids are not stuck in middle c position the whole time. They have their hands all over the piano from the get-go. It encourages sight-playing and improvisation. they also get to compose right away. Anyway--just FWIW....Gina


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