Thank you!

My mom was here last week visiting and royally spoiled us the whole time. We were so glad to have you come, Mom! (We missed you, Dad.) We often joke with my parents that since we don't have any grand kids for them yet, we don't receive as many visits as my siblings do;) My mom and I spent a day in the Williamsburg area and found an outlet that had lots of rugs...and she bought this one for me. I love it!!


  1. Jessica B.3:40 PM

    first off. it was great to see you sunday...although i'm sorry i didn't get a chance to speak to you! :(
    secondly... love love love your monogram pillow!! :)
    third... where are you living now?! i thought you were in california...but i think i'm wrong. :)

  2. Beautiful Embellishments! Something no doubt you will cherish for years to come! I have to admit, I am a bit of a "snooper" on your blog. :) I just love your style and am currently looking for "inspiration" as we are remodeling our basement! I would LOVE to see your whole house...but any pictures would be awesome. More specifically, though. I noticed your black and white tile floor. What did you use for that? We are thinking about that look for our laundry room. thanks! great post, as always! Aren't moms the greatest?

  3. hey jess! Yes--I was so excited to see you across the aisle on sunday;) Next time, we must catch up! Well--you're correct, we aren't in Ca, we are in Virginia--S is in seminary and we are here for at least 2 more years....if you ever want to come visit virginia beach, you have a free place to stay;)

    Erin--hey girlie! Glad to hear from you again! Yes--I will love those pillow cases for a very long time! And my rug from my mom too! Funny that you should ask about pictures of the house--I just took some today and wanted to do a slideshow on the side of my blog--but I am still working on that;) Oh I LOVE black and white tile too--I actually painted our kitchen floor cream and brown checkered. We sanded down the tongue & groove wood--and it was so badly stained (from years of linolium) that we had two choices: tile or paint the floor;) It was tedious--but we LOVE it now!
    thanks again for saying hey--snoop anytime! I'll be over to your blog soon!

  4. Thank you for putting together your slideshow!!! I enlarged each picture and studied it! I can't wait to show John your kitchen floor. I really like the brown...much warmer than black!!! I love your little "craft dresser" with the tiered basket of ribbon and roll of chicken wire! :) As we've been going through our basement, John made me promise not to buy any more "crafty" stuff b4 we get it organized into one spot...I do accumulate a lot of that stuff! But I love to use it!

    Also...this is kind of random, but when I see someone like you with your creativity you should be an etsy seller(! I actually just heard about it a couple of months ago and the other night I looked it's awesome! It's like ebay but for anything homemade. There are some great sellers on there. I just had thought of you... Anyway, sorry for blabbing!! Thanks again!

  5. I love your cute little living room- very beautiful! I will have to come see it in person!

  6. Anonymous2:13 PM

    Hey Sarah

    What is the name of the paint you used in your (I think) kitchen. It is the green. I would need the name brand and name of the particular color. I would appreciate it..Gina

  7. sara--yes! you will have to you think you all can come memorial day weekend? we would love to have ya!

    Gina--sure thing! It is a behr color called "contemplation". Sometimes it looks green and sometimes it looks blue--but I love it all;)

    Erin--hey lady;) thanks for your sweet words. I have one tip for you concerning the floor...if you end up painting a floor, use water-based polyeurethane. Someone told me that if I had used that instead of oil based, the poly wouldn't have turned my cream paint into a "yellow-cream" ;( But good luck on the floor! I would love to see it when you finish!!

  8. Sarah...your house looks adorable! You definitely have a talent for decorating!

  9. How nice! I was glad to hear your Mom was able to come! Glad you enjoyed your spring break! Thanks again for watching our pup!

  10. S --

    Hi, nice to meet you -- I found you through Sara Mincy's blog (I knew her in college) and I adore her taste in cuteness. . . so I just had to check your home decor out!

    Your house is lovely and I just love the way you use simple vintage things as works of art. The fan on the chair in the hallway, for instance. Clever.

    I have to be content living in this little apartment on campus (My husband is in Seminary, which is wonderful, of course, but our home is pretty teeny!). This is the home the Lord gave me, and I'm happy to use it to serve others and show hospitality. . . maybe someday I'll be able to flex my artistic muscles on a slightly larger place!

  11. Hi Sarah,
    It's Lynne, Sara, and Alicia Ellsworth. Somehow Bryce found your blog and he encouraged me to visit and what a blessing to see you and all those you love. The three of us got much joy seeing Amy,Danita,Jeremy,John, and of course yours and my husbands personal favorite Steven. He made a huge impression in the short time they worked together. And I am thankful. May the Lord continue to do His mighty work in you both.
    Love and prayers, Lynne and girls. Hebrews11:6

  12. I love the new bedroom color Sarah. It looks great!


  13. Hey---
    Did you go to school with Niki Baaske (now Memmel)? She was int. design at BJ also. She has a website now, its

    I went to high school with her (and her husband). Just wanted to pass that on! :)

  14. Lynne--it was great to hear from you! I am hoping that you all will get to come to Virginia soon?? We were so sad that we missed seeing you the last time you were in the area! Glad you could catch up with us;)

    Julie--thanks for the encouragement--it is a lot better than the "shiny" red, huh!

    Erin--I don't recognize the name --but I'll pop over to her website in a few--thanks for the tip!!


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