Father's Day

I have been pondering what to write for Father's day throughout the week. How can I write down, in one post, the many things that I would like the world to know about Dr. John C. Mincy? I can't!

I have been thinking a lot about what things my Dad did and does that mean the most to me. In my mind one characteristic of my dad stands out more than others: faithfulness. His faithfulness extends into so many areas--his relationship to my mom, to his children, to his God, to his ministry in California and on and on. To narrow it down further, he is faithful in his character. I think I can honestly say that I have never heard my Dad speak ill of someone else. THAT is faithfulness of character.

So, in this little post, I would like the world to know that I love my Dad, and think him one of life's greatest gifts.

Happy Father's Day!


  1. Well put, Sarah. You have a dad to whom many, many people look up. His faithfulness is only among the greatest of his many godly character traits but that faithfulness, as you basically said, permeates every part of his life. Praise the Lord for your dad : ).

  2. Sarah,

    That was such a sweet post for your dad -- love the picture, too.

  3. mom--the funny thing was, he couldn't view my blog --so I e-mailed it to him today;) We just got home from DC--tired but it was a great day! I'll be praying for your summer school class tomorrow. love you.

  4. Your dad was the only pastor I'd ever had besides MY dad. He and your mom were always such a blessing and encouragement to me (especially when I was going through parent/teacher conferences!!) There is, however, one thing that he never could teach me and that was to quit saying "cool"...unfortunately it's still in my vocabulary!!

    Seriously though, I couldn't agree more with your thoughts. You have a great dad! Pass along a hello to both of your parents from me! :)

  5. Anonymous3:57 PM

    sarah.. i left a comment but i guess it didn't go through! love this pic of you too! what a wonderful memory i'm sure. love his boutenniere!! can i hire you to do my wedding flowers someday?! :)

  6. hey jessica! You need to talk to my friend Katie for your wedding flowers;) She did mine and they turned out SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GREAT! I loved them and still love to look at the pictures of them! But--I still want to come to your wedding;) Keep me updated;) By the way, I love that picture with my Dad too--he was so funny about having to wear a bow-tie for my wedding--but I knew he would look great...and I didn't even warn him about the pink gerber;))

  7. Anonymous7:31 PM

    i asked about the flowers b/c i looked at your link for &flowers. :) but since i'm single at the moment it would be a little while before i would need flowers. :)


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