Harbor Fest

One of the things that I love about this area is being close to the water. Now, ask me when I am stopped almost EVERY day at a bridge opening--and I'll give you a different answer. But ask me while I'm relaxingat the beach or enjoying an ocean-front festival and I'll tell you that I love this area!We enjoyed the 32nd annual Harbor Fest...Steve was quite excited about his crab-cake sandwich; I was overjoyed with my very fresh, very yummy soft pretzel!!! We enjoyed the festive band, boats from many different places, and the great fireworks. Best of all, we met up with friends and enjoyed their company...especially my baby-boy Cole;)

Mr. Cole himself with his mama Carmen...Just hanging out...watching fireworks;)

I must add this one story. Steve and I seem to have a knack for attracting "get-rich quick scheme" -ing people. It happened AGAIN at harbor fest. Not too long ago in Lowe's and now, Harbor Fest. What gets me is that they use the SAME pick-up line--all of them!! It goes like this..."This may be a shot in the dark, but my wife and I are affiliated with some local business men with an internet-based business...." IT DRIVES ME CRAZY! Do we have the word "SUCKER" written across our fore-heads or what?! Gave us a good laugh for the day, at least!


  1. We wanted to go to Harbor Fest, but didn't have time to go. It looked really fun!

    We got approached by those people in Target. Rob and Mihelis have had it happen to them too. Our question was "Hey, do you know if it's going to rain at the beach today?" This was in the Chesapeake Target by the way. :) real close to the beach.

  2. Anonymous1:40 PM

    i highly doubt that you have "sucker" stamped on your forehead. you just fit the demographic those type of people are targeting! :) hope all is well with you... miss you :(

  3. Glad you guys had fun! We were on the other side of the water (Portsmouth) and saw the fireworks from there. Weren't they great?! I still say these are the best fireworks in the area.

    We have had similiar experiences with the salespeople approaching us. Once at Lowe's, once at Target, and once at King's Dominion!!! I don't think your forehead says "SUCKER", I think it says "We're Nice, Approachable People that probably won't attack me verbally or otherwise if I try this Shot in the Dark!"

  4. Anonymous4:40 PM

    Looks like the festival was a lot of fun! I love things like that. We went to ArtistPhere down town Greenville a few weeks ago but forgot to take pictures :o)

  5. conleys--you guys missed it! you'll have to go next year...if you're in town;) I'd love to hear about any future plans...

    Their pick-up lines are the greatest; second to their people skills. I do feel bad for them...sort of;)

    Jessica--is this Jessica Breisch or Jess Frolich? I couldn't get to your blog from your profile;(

    Hey Hines! Yes--definitely the best fireworks I've seen eva! S and I will be in New York for the 4th--we hear that we are in for a treat!! We're excited! Cal says hey to Godiva;)

  6. We were at Harbor Fest as well. We were there earlier in the day so we missed the fireworks. I love the pic you took with the sunset behind the ship's masts.

  7. Great photography! I love the flag picture and the boardwalk pic!

  8. I can't believe in 4 yrs in Va Beach we never went to Harbor Fest. Are we losers or what?? It looks like you guys had fun though. I bet it was hot out!


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