My favorite sister, Barb. . . flying tomorrow to New York, with her husband, my favorite and only brother-in-law, Jon. They are celebrating their 13th anniversary! (June 17) Congratulations!

The reason for this post: please keep Barb in your prayers as she does NOT enjoy flying.
I hope you guys have a wonderful time! Shake a leg;)


  1. Thankyou Sarah!! Thanks for the prayers!! I'll be fine:) I love you ! Barb

  2. Anonymous10:00 AM

    How cute she is! I am glad they are doing so well. They are only 4years ahead of us? It seemed like more than that...

    I want to visit New York sometime. Have fun Barbara!


  3. That is such a good pic of Barb and Jon.

  4. Gina--you NEED to visit NY! Barb and Jon have become regulars and Steve and I are going for our second time on the 4th of July. (Mark and Tricia just moved back to NY--so it gives us a good reason to go back;) We hear we are in for a treat with the fire works on the 4th--I'm so excited!

    Sara--isn't it!

  5. Hey Sarah,

    We had a good time with Jon and Barb tonight.

    Just there any particular reason you are reading "On Becoming Baby Wise"? (giggle, giggle):-)

    See you guys in a couple weeks.


  6. marcus--very funny. Yes, there is a good reason I am reading the book, although you probably won't hear an announcement until next year sometime;)


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