New York, New York!

WARNING: Extremely long post! For some reason, our computer, all of the sudden will not allow us to view or create slide-shows. . .so here are some of our favorite NY photos, one-by-one. We had a wonderful time in New York with Mark, Trish and their sweet kids--we just wish it could have been longer. . .but we felt that we were failing Cali if we didn't come back and look for her!! It was so good to see the New York Mincys again!!!! We love you guys!
Miss Jenna Charisse with her Lily Noelle bracelet Happy Fourth! I am proudly thankful to be an American! we had a great lunch & view at Novella. . . Best Canoli on the planet? So they claim! Even Steve, the great cheese lover that he is, wasn't sure at first about a dessert made with ricotta cheese. He loved it!! cutie b'tutie ideas from Papyrus one of Ralph Lauren's flower boxes taken on July 4th--notice the flag at half-mast Grand Central Station We found a Chevy's. . .we had to call Dad to rub it in;) I was SO excited about eating there & then had a crying spell about Cal & ended up only eating half a tortilla!!! I can't believe how emotional I was about Cali!!! Salute! And good luck with that parking ticket, bud! S-O-R-B-E-T! Last year, we stopped and ate some sorbet at the Trump Tower. . .and had to stop again this year. SO YUMMY!!! and, of course. . .the big apple;) The next four pictures are of my favorite NY deals. . .my Mary Jane Crocs being #1--or maybe a close tie to my new purse, photograph of Central Park, or Barb's gift?! Barb--I can't keep a secret--(then again, neither can you;))) ...but this towel is for you, from Anthropologie We were so glad to see these kiddos!! What great kids they are!! We had brought a little bracelet for Jenna and wanted to get something for the boys while we were there. Steve & I were able to find New York Yankees & Mets jerseys for the boys. They were thrilled to receive them& we were thrilled to give them something that made their day!! enjoying that dog, uncle steve? Yankee Stadium. Need I say more!? It was so awesome to sit in the bleachers--they had all of these neat traditions that went along with sitting in the bleachers--this was definitely well worth $12!!!!;)
A happy Yankee;)
. . .and more happy fans!
Trish & Justin --you guys are looking a little concerned!My handsome NY Yankees convert!! There is nothing quite like being with those you love in such a patriotic place. At the end of the game, which the Yankees won of course, they played over the loud speakers the song, "New York, New York". Words just can't describe the feeling!!! And here we are at home again. . .thanks for the flowers, babe;) . . .and thanks for being here, Cal-baby;) (Notice the new collar;)


  1. very, very super jealous that u were in NY. We love those Mincy's too. I miss them mucho. Just more mincy's that leave me. :-)

  2. that was a great post!! and well worth the time to look through everything!! first I want to say YAY for the Lord protecting and bringing home Cali. I can tell you love her like a child and I can only imagine the feelings of not knowing where she is. You must be thrilled beyond words to have her safe & sound.
    I LOVED looking at your fabulous NY finds. I can't believe we only live 3 hours away from NYC and have yet to go there! We'll have to definitely put that on our "to-do" list, especially the baseball games for when the boys are older! That is some of my favorite memories from growing up near Chicago!! Love your crocs, kate spade purse & could REALLY go for one of those canolli's now!! :P

  3. p.s.
    i forgot to mention how much I LOVE papyrus...especially those adorable announcements! i might just steal that for down the road.
    also, might I be nosy & ask why you have "on becoming baby wise" on the top of your reading list? just wondering! ;) (that book really, really helped me to structure. i did not follow it like the "letter of the law," but it was a fabulous guide, especially for my first!!!)

  4. hey erin! so good to hear from you--yes, I cannot tell you HOW GLAD I am to have our "baby" back;) I know that only the Lord brought Cal back! Girl, you MUST get yourself to Ny soon! Such a great place;) Well, I know that it is weird that I am reading BabyWise and not pregnant, but I made a promise to myself that I would do a "year of reading" before we try to get pregnant... so let me know if you have any suggestions or favorites! I thought those announcement ideas were so cute as well--I loved the big letters and the scalloped edges;) so cute!

  5. I love you pictures!! Cute purse!

    I suggest reading any baby books by Sears. They are very popular. Talk to Amanda Lee, so is very knowledgeable on good baby books. She was telling me about one called Born in the USA...sounds like a must read!!!

  6. sarah - so fun to see your pics! looks like you had a great time. so glad your cali came home safe. I have managed 2 posts now. :)

  7. I'm glad you had many smiley pictures despite the circumstances. I'm sure it will be a trip you never forget for several reasons. Even though I am a Detroit Tigers fan, you made me want to go to a Yankee's game just for the experience. I call them the "pretty boys' (especially Jeter and A. Rod.) since they get paid much better than most teams and seem a little on the whiney side. =) Just thought I'd add that little fabulous tip about me! =) Like the Mary Jane Crocs. I snuck a peek at them when you were over, but I didn't think they were really Croc brand. Nice Find!!

  8. Loved the pictures! Looks like so much fun! I also love the Mary Jane Crocks. I am trying to decide it I want to spend my money on a red pair.

  9. Katrina & Sara--I love my crocs! Sara--they were only $30, so I think that I got a steal--and I didn't even buy them in Chinatown or Little Italy;)))

  10. Awesome pics...glad you guys had a good time
    and praise the Lord again about Cali coming home. I am a little disappointed in Stephen though with a (gasp) yankee hat on...come on bro...I thought you were a Red Soxx fan. Isn't hypocrisy as the sin of witchcraft or murder or something like that? I'm sure its in Habakkuk somewhewre. Anyway, glad to hear you're well and looking forward to my next visit in the not so distant future.

  11. It wasn't too long of a don't worry! I loved looking through all the pictures. You guys always look so cute and happy!! :)

  12. red---ooooh!!!
    everyone in my fam here has the brown MJ crocks which I love, but I want to branch out.
    I'll have to look into the red!
    I do like the green also!!

  13. This trip looks so great! I love New York - it is such a blast. It feels like we haven't seen you guys in ages - we'll have to get together soon!


  14. Looks like you guys had a great time.
    I've never been to New York City, but I would love to go sometime. We're so glad Cali was found -we were praying lots.

  15. Looks like you had an amzing trip to NYC! I'm loving all your finds and my mouth is watering at the sight of that canoli! So glad to hear Cali is safe and sound!

  16. Anonymous9:20 PM

    Woo hoo. How fun! Sean and I want to go next Spring when they have their optical expo. I hope we can look Mark and Trisha up too! We shall see. Anyway, I had to chuckle about you missing your doggie. Just wait till you leave your baby for the first time. :-() Nice glasses too--your clear pair--very cute on you. Oh and the canolli! Oh my Gosh--My Grandma DiGregorio used to make those, but that looked fab!

    Thanks for sharin' Gina

  17. Anonymous9:23 PM

    added to say that I did not get that your doggie ran away or was missing--I am so sorry! Glad she is back! :-()Gina

  18. hey Gina--I think you need to start a blog so that I can see what is going on in your life!! I didn't know that you had kids!!!! (I'm assuming that from what you said about having to leave my baby for the first time.) Let me know when you go to New York--and I'll give you Mark & Trish's info-- know they would enjoy catching up with you!

  19. Wow! I love the shoes and your bag- so cute! Looks like you guys did everything and had a great time! Really enjoyed your pics!

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