opposites do attract. . .

nestling measuring cups

So today, Steve started to tell me how he makes his iced-tea. . .
he began by explaining how it was hard to pour the water into the spout of the tea kettle from the measuring cup without spilling half of it. "Measuring cup?!", I said. I rarely use a measuring cup; instead, I turn the faucet on full throttle, and I just count out loud the words "1-Mississippi, 2-Mississippi" --I count it very evenly & slowly and it gives me exactly a cup. Now, Steve being very methodical and exact with things, was very astonished & flabbergasted by this news. So, I decided to prove that my way of measuring a cup of water was just as good as his. Long story short, my method proved to be about 1/4 cup short!!!!!!! Maybe that explains some of my cooking mishaps!


  1. You guys are too funny. That sounds exactly like a conversation Nate and I might have- in fact, maybe we've already had it!!! Isn't it a bummer when they prove you wrong, Sarah??? :-)

  2. hee-hee;) Yes, a very big bummer when they are right! ;) At least we had a good laugh about it!! Hey--all of the sudden my computer has decided to let me view slideshows again--I'm so excited!! ;)

  3. In our family our roles are switched. Don is more like you and I am more like Stephen. I don't "eyeball" anything. Don's main purpose of just throwing it in is he doesn't want to make more dirty dishes! And he tends to be a better cook when he has an opportunity to do so! I just tend to be "safe".

    Hey, let me know how your friendship bread turns out!

  4. yes--I think you and Steve are a lot alike in the "not eye-balling anything" ;) Which is good--it evens Don and me out;) I'll let you know how my bread turns out--I've been diligently taking care of it!!

  5. Ha, ha, Sarah you crack me up!


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