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Well, I finally decided to add a play-list to the blog. For those of you who do a quick check each day, you will always be greeted by the same song. But, for those of you who spend a few minutes or more on my blog, you'll hear several songs. Here is my play-list & why I chose each song:

1) PICTURE THIS, Jim Brickman, one of my favorite pianists, who I had the privilege of meeting last year...this is Steve's brother, me, Brickman, & my Stevie. How we got this picture? I hear my husband say, "Excuse me, Jim, could my wife get a picture taken with you?" Of course, I really didn't want one of just him and me, so all 4of us got in the picture!
2) BEAUTIFUL MIND, Jim Brickman
3) WHEN DID YOU FALL IN LOVE WITH ME, because my sweet husband just put this on my phone as a ring tone for me!
4) WE WILL DANCE, just a sweet song to share with my husband
5) OLYMPIC FANFARE, because I am so thankful to be an American!
YOUR GRACE STILL AMAZES ME, because Steve, my fiance at the time, sent me this song when I was going through a very tough time & I was overcome by the thought of God's wonderful grace. . .and I still am. It is one of my favorite songs that is sung at our church.
7) HALLELUJAHS, because I enjoy the simplistic yet worshipful thoughts
8) THE PIRATES THAT DON'T DO ANYTHING, because my husband chose that one
LANDFALL, because everybody who is a somebody loves John Williams
10) A WINK & A SMILE, another sweet song
11) FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE, one of my favorite songs from when Steve & I were dating

Happy Listening!


  1. Aren't husbands romantic (at least sometimes)? When Did You Fall in Love With Me is one our "our songs", too. Buddy had bought the CD for me for Valentine's Day one year, but instead of giving it to me, he opened it and had this song playing when I got into the vehicle to go out on our Valentine's Day date.

    I wonder if they realize how much those romantic gestures stick in our minds. :)

  2. Wow what a good idea! I Like your songs! (except maybe the veggie tales one....we don't believe in singing veggies...I was so offended...:)

  3. marti-- yes, we just discovered that song! I was playing for a wedding, and they had that song playing behind their slide show at the rehearsal dinner. I love a lot of Chris Rice's stuff--sometimes he can be so random! Have you ever heard his CD, "Living Room Sessions" --I highly recommend it--it is all hymns in his great style. Yes--I wonder if our husbands realize how much we love the "little" gestures. I'm thankful God gave me and you sweet husbands!!

    Sara--you are missing out girl--on the singing veggies, that is. Just kidding;) as I said, the only reason that silly little song is on there is because steve just loves it;)

  4. I don't think that I chose the Veggie Tales. I think I chose a Chris Tomlin song and you wouldn't put it on there. Haha. I love your eclectic music babe...me

  5. ohhhhhhhhh, you are so naughty, boy!!

  6. Anonymous9:22 PM

    I love Chris Rice! Have you heard Fernando Ortega's music? He is good too. (he has good selections for special music at church---we like to use guitar) I love to discover new songs---I forgot about P C and Dean---they would have some good songs for church!

    Thanks for sharin


  7. Gina--YES! I don't know why I didn't put one of Ortega's songs on the list--he is one of our favorites as well. His style is so calming and reflective. Chris Rice is very eclectic himself, but I enjoy a lot of what he has done. Probably my favorite is his "Come to Jesus"--I'
    m accompanying someone this Sunday for that song--it brings me to tears almost every time I hear it!!

  8. Sarah,

    Thanks for the songs! I'm working at my computer today and just let your songs play. The Veggie Tales song was a little jarring after the relaxing, romantic ones, but we need to be jarred, right? Anyway, thanks for sharing! I'll have to figure out how to the playlist!

    Kristy (Sara's cousin)

  9. kristy--yes, we'll see how long the veggie tales song lasts;))

  10. I love it!! I want one! Do I just have to click on the little spot on your blog to do one of my own? Way to bring the bar of blogging another notch higher!

  11. hey k-thanks for the kind words;) Yes, you can click on mine to get your own. have fun;) hey, did you receive the note from Cal yet? ;)

  12. No! But I'm guessing you received your postcard from Godiva!

    Thanks for the instructions so I can have cool music on my blog too! I'm so excited!

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  14. For once in my life! I love that one too! What a fun selection. I love finding out why people love the songs they do - I've got to try this!

  15. How cool....neat pic :)

  16. thanks for the "personal mp3" player, blog style! :) So, I have listened to your playlist while doing dishes, eating a late dinner with my husband & folding laundry! very, very cool you got to meet Brickman! And, for the record, my husband would have chosen something from Anamaniacs. It must be a guy thing! :)


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