Our Saturday

Oh yes--I am one happy camper! (Pardon the funny face.) Today was the flea...and I found THIS bowl, which completes my pyrex collection--the one that my mom originally started for me. What made me most happy was the price: $5!!!! You know, God is so good to bless us with "little things". This is one of the many little things from today that made me stop & think about God's kindness towards His creatures.
The complete set!!!
What began as a great Saturday, turned into even a better Saturday! (Even for Cal--her friend Godiva is over for the day!) We were given money from Steve's mom for a nice anniversary dinner and now that it is August, we finally got around to going out for dinner! We went to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. Enough said;) Let's just say it was one of the best meals that we've probably ever had! THANKS MOM B!!!This is us after the meal: fat & happy...and in love!
AND...Anne Taylor Loft had a great deal and my husband treated me to a little outfit for my "girls get-away". It was a great deal--with no tax to top it off! It was less than $25! Tomorrow evening, I'll be headed to the Outer Banks with the rest of the ladies' ministry committee from our church. We're looking forward to getting much planning accomplished as well as some relaxation at the beach!

It was a wonderful Saturday...hope your's was as well!


  1. My mom has that set of bowls, too. Not sure where she came up with it--it seems like we may have found it at an estate sale.

    Wish our ladies ministry committee would have a planning session at the beach!! Of course, it would be a bit of a trip for us. :)

  2. Your Corningware set is just like mine -- I do have a large Red bowl that I picked up that I just love, too. I used my green bowl tonight to mix up some blueberry muffins. I've always loved those bowls because they remind me of my mom and grandmother. They first came out in 1946 --
    I'm jealous you get to go to the outer banks -- I've always wanted to do a family vacation there -- you'll have to "scout it out" a little if you have time -- hope you have fun.

  3. Way to go on your deals! I love them all! Sounds like you had a good anniversary dinner, too. So glad!

  4. Hi Sarah, Thanks for the sweet comments you left in our guestbook. Please do let us know when you are in Indy, we would love to take you guys out for dinner and get reaquainted. Your new outfit is very cute, I also love the Loft!! We recently had a huge sale here as well(40% off anything on sale)!! I was pretty excited!! I hope your time away with the girls is great! Talk soon!

  5. Hi Sarah,
    I've chanced upon a couple articles in magazines always telling me the rage in pyrex and what a valuable collection they can make today. My mom has several. I find them at thrift stores all the time - Wish I could collect enough of them to make an e-bay sale worthwhile. Glad you got a complete set. They look to be in good condition. I like the leftover/mini bread pans too.
    Also - love the outfit colors. :) Enjoy the new week.

  6. I love your bowl; great deal! I also like your new outfit. I purchased the same shirt tonight! We went to the outlets with some friends and Russell was so kind to let me buy more clothes from Ann Taylor. (My favorite store) Glad you enjoyed your dinner at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. We love it there! Enjoy your "Vacation" with the girls!

  7. nothing is better than finding great deals! and hey, nice northland shirt. :)

  8. Okay, Okay, Okay . . . Don and I might have been persuaded to go to Ruth's Chris. We've heard so much about it. We ended up doing the Melting Pot this year, maybe for our next anniversary we'll head to Ruth's Chris.

    (Great bargain too! I LOVE bargains.)

    Godiva has been pouty today! Missing her BBF!

  9. I love a complete set!! Really - they make me feel complete wether it's matching socks, candle holders you name it! I'm delighted for you - our God definatley blesses big and small!
    We keep hearing about Ruth's Chris also - we will have to check it out. Hope you have a fun trip to the Outer Banks.

  10. Lucky Sarah! I just spent $50 on bowls like that from Princess House. 3 of them. Yeah for you. You are very blessed. :-)

  11. marti--I recommend meetings at the beach!!! It was great & we got a ton accomplished too;)

    kelly--yes, I'm a very proud owner of my Northland shirt;)

    Katrina--Steve said that Cali slept the whole day yesterday and moped around.;) You won't be disappointed if you try RC next year!!

    Val--Princess House?!!! That stuff is too overpriced!! And it isn't antique to boot;( But it does have one thing going for it--the stuff is pretty;) hope you're enjoying your last few days of summer vac!!!!

  12. What a nice hubby you have - way to go, Steve!! Sounds like you guys had fun. And I enjoyed your comments on that book, "Shopping for Time" - I'm going to try to get it b/c I could use some of that. :-)


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