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This is the new Amazon Kindle, and for those of you who do not read books, blogs, newspapers, or magazines then you may want to stop reading now. I must say that I am a skeptic, because I do not even like reading books on my computer; there is just something magical about having that hardback or paperback book in your hands. For those of you who read nothing but blogs, it might be an expensive way to get your blog feeds; but for the rest of us it might just be the greatest thing since buying books online. I will let Amazon tell you about it because I cannot do justice to this work of art as they do. Watch this video if you want to really check it out.

Now, they currently are out of stock, so I am sorry if you wanted to buy one right now. However, if you were going to buy me one, I do not mind waiting for it to come back in stock. (And you think I am kidding.)


  1. This makes me kinda sad. You gotta have the whole book experience when you're reading---pages to turn and dog-ear. The smell of a new book....or an old one. It's just not the same!

  2. I'm glad you had a nice Thanksgiving. The pic of the french toast looked delicious. It's something I don't make very often.

  3. very creative post, my dear;) Thanks for making my blog very with it, techy wise;)
    Sarah Kate

  4. Very interesting...but the idea of "curly up with a good book" just doesn't seem the same!

  5. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.......... gadgets......... mmmmmmmmmmmm! :-)

    Great post. I brushed off this little white wonder as just another attempt at an E-book reader but if you guys think it's cool, I might have to take a closer look! :-)


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