For My Guy

Just a little birthday post for my best friend and love of my life, Steve:
"You're the gentle, the strong, and the good guy,
the give-me-the-world-if-you-could guy,
the patient, the brave, the polite guy,
the been-there-for-me-day-and-night guy,
the sweet, the fun, and the smart guy... LOVE-you-with-all-of-my-heart guy."


  1. Happy Birthday Steve! Hope you ave a special day.
    From Russell and Kristin

  2. Happy B-day Stephen!!!!

  3. Happy Birthday, Steve. I actually remembered between all the millions of Mincy and Oesterwind birthdays in December!!!! Sarah, has God been good to you or what?!

  4. Happy Birthday Steve!!! We've loved you since we'd met you. You are the greatest for my Sarah. Have a blessed day celebrating God givng you life! Val

  5. Happy Birthday Stephen! That picture of you two is vaguely familiar... :) It is a cute picture! Seattle seems so long ago. I was actually thinking about using the picture of us in that same spot for our Christmas photo to give to family and friends. But, I haven't decided yet.

  6. Thanks so much for the recipe, Sarah! I e-mailed it to Sue - can't wait to try it! :-)

  7. Gorgeous picture!

  8. We were going to leave a comment letting you know where we were (IN THE APPLE STORE IN NYC!!!) but now we feel bad and all because we're totally hijacking your mushy post about the ever so cool Steve. So...we'll only mention it one more time...WE'RE IN THE APPLE STORE IN NYC!!! WE'VE MADE IT TO THE MOTHER LAND!!! :-)

    Seriously, it's been a blessing and we can't wait for Sunday to get to know the fam a little better. Oh...and...


  9. Happy Birthday Steve! I love that picture of you too.. sooo sweet :o)

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