I'm not biased, but. . .

Let's just be honest, Virginia, ya don't rate very high on the customer service scale! And even though California gets a bad rap because of some "crazies" that live there, I must say nothing beats Cali customer service. Well, I probably am biased--but I do miss my western hospitality sometimes! I'll try to give you the short version of what happened to me this week. Here goes...

I did something that I have NEVER done in my life before. I asked for a manager and complained about an employee. I was at the post office, waiting in the normal line, got to the front of the line, noticed that the clerk directly in front of me had finished helping a customer, took one step forward --and mind you I didn't lay anything on the counter, in fact I hadn't even r-e-a-c-h-e-d the counter when I received a snappy "I'm not ready yet!" (complete with one of those looks that says 'who do you think you are to waltz in here and expect me to help you?!!!) It was so abrupt that I jumped. Thankfully, she walked out and at the same time a clerk two stations down called me over. She helped me and was very kind. But I just could not get over the other clerk's response. I quietly asked if I could speak with a manager and was so relieved when he met me outside of the main room. I told him I was SO sorry yada yada yada but I felt that customers didn't need to get responses such as that...he profusely apologized, I profusely said it was okay... Fast forward an hour and I was picking up lunch on my way back to teach. . .I began ordering my usual. . .and had a coughing fit. The nice little Panera lady decided it was her life mission to find me a cough drop. I told her I would be fine-but she insisted . . .and finally did find one;) I found myself quite amused on my drive back to Greenbrier. . .how funny that I should have such drastically different customer service encounters in one day! Probably my favorite Virginian customer service memory (so far) is the time when I asked for help in Wal-Mart to find a particular food item which seemed to be hidden in the store. A Wal-Mart employee said he'd be r-i-g-h-t back with an answer. After I watched him walk through several aisles, walk in and out of the back, talk to his employee friends, wave to me etc... I gave up. It had been 20 minutes. That incident is probably most responsible for me no longer shopping at Wal-Mart. Be strong ladies!!!! It CAN be done!!!! And with that, I wish you a wonderful Christmas shopping season filled with bright and cheery customer service experiences!


  1. OOOH Sarah, my favorite is your story about the guy in the paint department at Home Depot who wouldn't mix paint for you -- then after you talked him into it -- he spilled paint all over his pants (nice Khaki pants)!

  2. Hi Sarah! Kristie can certainly sympathize with you as she has found the customer service to be sadly lacking in Utah and Wyoming! I encourage her to write letters to management, but she feels this would be in vain, and sadly, I think that may be true! I guess there's not as much competition as in CA. There are definately a few good things about California after all! :)

  3. hahaha!! Mom!! I forgot about that poor guy! It wasn't just paint--it was wood STAIN! He was so mad at me--it was going so well at first--I was telling him what a great job he was doing and then al of the sudden BOOM--stain was everywhere--on him. . .and we were suddenly no -longer friends.

    Lexie--good to hear from you--hope you're doing well! Poor Kristie! I have a friend here who frequently writes to management about bad customer service--and receives free gift cards sometimes from it--maybe that would encourage Kristie to write them;) Yes--California does have good things!

  4. Oh, you're so funny, Sarah. I can almost see you apologizing profusely as you complain about the employee. :-) Hopefully your comment helped that employee be happier for the holidays. Are you guys going anywhere for Christmas?

  5. That was an enjoyable post to read --- haven't we all been there at one time or another after all? hee hee ---

  6. There's nothing that urks me more than poor customer service!! Grrrrr! :-)

    Are you REEEAALLY Wal-Mart free? We didn't think that was possible for anyone to do!

  7. Hi, Sarah! Hey, could you remind me of your Oreo ball recipe? If it's a secret, I totally understand. I got it once from Kristen C. but forgot what goes into it. I'm hoping to make them sometime over the holidays and NOT eat them all. :-)

  8. awwwwwwwwwww! It warms my heart that you still love us "fruit and nuts" of the world.

    I can't believe you are having opposition at Christmas time. In california that's the best time to deal with people! They are guaranteed nice. :-)

  9. Hey Sarah, ask your dad about my Starbuck's experience I had yesterday. :) Upon telling my story to him, both your dad and Val brought up this post you had. :)

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