Well, I don't know if you've ever had this happen to you before, but...

See the pretty green Bible in the picture? I LOVE this Bible. Steve bought it for me while we were in North Cackalacky in November. It is the New Living Translation and I have really enjoyed reading out of it. Well, a few nights ago, I decided to veer from our normal Bible reading schedule and add in a Proverb for the day. . .Being that Proverbs is generally not that hard to find, I was getting rather hysterical (laughing) that I couldn't find it! I told Steve, "Well, if I ever find Proverbs, I will read one to ya!" Come to find out, my wonderful little green Bible has a few issues. The order of it's books goes something like this: Psalms, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Lamentations etc. . . No wonder I couldn't find Proverbs!!! I am so sad! I guess I will have to write the publisher and hopefully receive another Bible. . .with Proverbs. . .in the right order!


  1. That is SO strange!!

  2. Awwww- thats too bad- I am sure they will give you a new one...hopefully.

    When I was in kindergarten I got a new Bible and the pages were put in upside down.

    So what's with the North Cacka....is this some joke that I missed??

  3. Weird! You shouldn't have any trouble if you contact the publisher or store you purchased it at. It is a nice color and I enjoy that translation also.

  4. That's funny :) I have an upside down hymnbook, but that's as close as I've gotten =o)

  5. I knew the living translation left some "things" out but that's amazing! :-) LOL> Val

  6. Val--you're right--I think it does leave out the name "Kinnicutt" in the Matthew genealogies. hee-hee;)

    For me, the thought-for-thought translation has been very helpful. I'm sure it isn't for everyone--but it does make my Bible reading come to mind much more.

  7. That would only happen to someone like you Sarah! How funny.
    I noticed you had For Women Only under the green Bible...such a great book!

  8. That is so funny! I would have thought I was losing it!

  9. That's amazing.
    I have this fear that something like that is going to happen to me while I'm playing for church.

  10. That is very wierd - did you end up writing the publisher? I love the green cover. =)

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