Welcome to Cranny + B. Below, you will find a little bit of information behind the person, process, and work of this blog. Thank you so much for reading here. Have a wonderful day.

Hello there.
My name is Sarah. I love the life that has been given to me by my Creator. I am married to my best friend and my biggest fan--he keeps me laughing constantly,especially when he says silly, silly things in the middle of the night, ha! I am called mama by two beautiful boys, Graeme and Job, who regularly get called Graemie-bear and Jobie. I live in the incredibly gorgeous state of Oregon ( the Portland area, specifically ). I love to travel with my family. I love our sweet puppy, Cal-baby ( except when she is naughty and chews on every blanket we own-- and she is seven years old by the way, so no puppy excuses for her ).

But I digress.

I love to create beautiful things for my family and friends to enjoy and I love to blog about them here. I also love to blog about the pretty and the ugly. The ups and downs of life and how God makes everything good.

I crave beauty, which really isn't surprising since we were made to crave The Beauty, the One who makes everything beautiful.

And, last but not least, I am very dedicated to the tall grande, no-water, no-foam, whole milk, chai from Starbucks. It keeps me awake when I'm filling orders for my esty shop, Cranny. 

Thanks so much for stopping by.
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