Charleston & Greenville

Sorry for the photograph over-load. . . We had an absolutely fabulous trip. Some of our favorite things from our trip were. . .
*spending time with sweet family & friends
*getting to see Barb's studio in action!
*horse and carriage tour of Charleston
*Maggie Moos ice-cream in Charleston
*Chicora Alley in Greenville (our new favorite!)
*going to the opera--I'm so proud of Steve for going!
*playing the wii for the first time. . .Steve talked me into it!
*new ring from Stevie
*seeing a satelite dish on the back of a moving semi
*being with Steve


  1. Looks like you had a great time! I am amazed at Barb's studio. You mincy's are so artistic, gifted and always amaze me with the Lord's gifts He has given you.
    :-) Val

  2. Wow! You certainly are QUICK! I've been home from Ireland for a week and I'm still downloading our pics and going through to make our choices for our blog. Your incredible.

    Oh, and thanks so much for our little treat you left behind. That was too kind of you guys. You know, we do it cuz we like to! But we appreciate your thoughtfulness! Thank you!

  3. so glad you had a great trip! Charleston is so beautiful. aren't vacations the best?!

  4. Love all of those pictures. I think you have several pics of you and Adam and Katie in the same pose- at a table :)

    Sounds like you had fun! I like the photos at Knack Studio! Cute! And is that Gigi with her new jacket?? Looks good.

  5. You guys have some great pics from the trip! It was so good to see you for a little while!

  6. I thought I was at the wrong blog...I love your new look!! I love the old beautiful south. I have a good friend who lives in Charleston and can't wait to (someday) visit. I also would LOVE to visit KNACK. Great stuff.

  7. Love your pictures! Looks like you had a nice trip. Charleston is one place we want to visit this year, but we need to recuperate from Seattle, NY, KC Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma City, and North Carolina all this month first!

  8. Beatiful pics! Isn't it great getting away with your hubby? I love it!
    p.s. I LOVE playing the wii! I especially love bowling :o)


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