My quasi-vegan girl loves to eat mor chikin!

Sarah and I went to Newport News (often referred to as "Bad News" by the guys at work) on Saturday to shoot 3 virtual tours. The tours themselves were a great answer to prayer. I am a miser, and I did not want to stray from our budget to pay for the Together for the Gospel conference which is approaching very soon. I do virtual tours on the side, but I have not had any time lately to do any marketing or shoot any tours because of work and school. Well, out of the blue a builder who I have done work for before calls and wants 3 tours done in N'News. Those alone will pay for all my expenses while in Louisville for the conference, and it was clearly only something the Lord could have arranged. So, I took Sarah with me and she shopped while I shot; and then we went to lunch before heading home. We always like to check out local fare when in a different city, but we didn't have a lot of time; and frankly we couldn't resist the Chick. So this post is dedicated to my girl whom I fell in love with all the more this weekend.

And here's why...
-She loves to eat at Chik-fil-A although she generally cannot stand chicken (she's practically a vegan these days, except for pulled pork (which she loves!!!) and my hamburgers and the occasional steak (I don't think those exceptions qualify one for vegan status but that is why I say quasi-vegan), and I don't mind b/c she loves Machismo's Burrito Bar. I love watching her pull half the meat off of every sandwich and then proceed to put it on my plate!

-She makes ordering food so easy because she always gets the same thing (and often it's the cheapest item on the menu...that's a two-fer). I love how easy-going and uncomplicated she is.

-She wanted so badly to get her picture taken with the cow even though the place was packed and people watched a 20-something got her picture taken with a 7ft cow wearing a t-shirt. I love her child-like enthusiasm and spunk. I also love her love for blogging, b/c she mainly wanted the pic to put on her blog!

-An elderly employee was walking around passing out wet-naps and mints to the customers and I saw her stop and talk to Sarah for a while. Sarah has the kindest heart to talk to anyone, and she makes them feel as though they are the most important thing to her at that time. I love watching her talk to people.

-I love that even though the place was packed b/c of a birthday party taking up half the restaurant and some thousand-member girls sports team who all looked like they could have bench-pressed the cow all ordering caesar wraps (!!!), she sat content at the table talking to the cow and waiting for our food. I love her like crazy.

-I love that I got to spend time driving to N'News and back with her Saturday. And even though she often falls asleep when I put the key in the ignition, it was still nice to be with her for a few hours when I am usually studying at that time. Thanks babe for going with me, and thanks for unknowingly giving me reasons to love you even more.


  1. 1) OKAY. IT IS OFFICIAL. I AM RETIRING THAT SWEATER. I can find no words to adequately describe my feelings towards my uncanny timing in wearing that sweater each time an embarrassing situation presents itself. How amy I always caught wearing THE sweater? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    2) thank you for the sweet words babe. I love you back;) Thanks for putting up with me;) It was really neat seeing God provide those tours for your conference;)

  2. Well I do have to admit that my first thought was of the sweater :) Nice post, Stephen, I am sure you scored a lot of points :)

  3. Don't worry too much about the sweater. Trust me, 25 years from now you will look at the picture and say, "Wow, I wonder happened to that sweater? I loved that sweater." I do that now.

    And I thought it was a teen thing when you unwrapped your burritos at school saying, "I like the flavor on the tortilla but I don't like to eat the insides."

    You two are quite a match - loved that post.

  4. HeeHee---I was noticing the sweater before I read the comments...too funny!

    And I loved reading the sweet post, although, I have to admit I felt guilty for reading I was sneaking a peak at someone's love letter! ;)

  5. how romantic! *sigh*

  6. If it makes any difference I still love that sweater. I've contemplated seeing if I can find one myself! = ) I also am a huge fan of chick-fil-a. BUT I am definitely not a quasi-vegan girl. (I love my meat!)
    Great post Steve. Glad you were able to have a fun day together. It's great to remember the small stuff... especially when the final days of school are quickly approaching!

  7. I'll take the sweater! :) j/k...okay, I'm not, but I don't really think you should retire it. Just know, that you'll have something special that will include pictures the day you wear it.

  8. laura--
    hey, did you start your blog? Can you tell me your blog address? thanks!;)

  9. Cute pic...and what wonderful words from your husband...what a treasure :)

  10. no blog yet... just the one 'in my mind'! = ) Someday soon though... sorry!!!


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