May Baskets

Today is May Day. . .and my husband deserves an extra special May basket. . .which he will find on our bedroom door-knob! Although the normal May Day basket holds simple sweets or flowers, this year, thanks to President Bush, Steve's basket holds something very special for him. . .a note telling him he is receiving an I-pod! Tomorrow, Steve thinks we are hanging out in Ghent for a sweet and relaxing date. . .but it will also include a trip to our Apple store! I am so excited to be able to do this for him! ! !
(picture from marthastewart.com)

Here is some information from Wikipedia about May Day, if you are interested...
"May Day was also celebrated by some early European settlers of the American continent. In some parts of the United States, May Baskets are made. These baskets are small and usually filled with flowers or treats and left at someone's doorstep. When you ring the bell, you are supposed to run away. The person receiving the basket would try to catch the person running away. If they caught the person, a kiss was to be exchanged."


  1. I told some of my coworkers I was sad not to be doing anything for May day and they had never heard of may baskets. I was afraid it was only a Colorado thing. (I thought it was a very old tradition.) Glad I'm not the only one that still enjoys celebrating May day. This one snuck up on me though. As a kid we'd always bring a few flowers to a friends door, ring the bell and hide to watch their reaction when they opened the door. ...Next year! = )

  2. how fun! I did that (the i-pod thing ) for tim at the end of a school year once... he loved it! Happy Giving!

  3. Thanks for the iPod babe. I just ordered it. Love you too.

  4. Thanks for explaining the meaning behind May Day (or at least for wikpedia-ing it for me to read). Since my due date was May 1st - everyone always mentioned, "oh a May Day Baby" and I was clueless. Didn't know it existed, but love it!

  5. I remember making May Day baskets in kindergarten - but never since :(
    Last night, my honey brought me home a carnation that they gave him at work. I smelled it, kissed him, laughed (that he got it from wk for free) and then proudly put it in an old coke bottle! I think I'll put a picture up. Happy May day.

  6. Sarah,
    I remember, also, making May day baskets in school. We actually had somnething like a "field day" each May 1st -- I remember we had poles with streamers hanging from them -- we skipped around the may pole, each holding a streamer -- weaving in and out -- wrapping it around the pole. I'd almost forgotten about that!

  7. I've never heard of May Day before! Sounds like a lot of fun though!


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