I've been wanting to do this post series for some time now. . .but I am just now getting to it. . .Lord willing, we will be finishing up our seminary years here in Virginia Beach during the Spring of 2009. Which means. . .we will probably be moving. . .which obviously means we will be selling our house. Our house was built in 1943, I think, and it has a lot of character. . .the good, the bad, and the ugly. I've decided that since our house has 8 rooms in it--not counting the hallway and the stairwell--although, as we found out, carpet companies DO consider those areas to be rooms. . .anywho. . .I decided that I would do a post on one of the rooms each month to motivate myself to finish up all of the "little things" that need to be done before we sell. So. . .for now, I'll start off with the outside of our house. The above picture is what it looked like in October of 2005. I know--why did we think this place was so great? ? ? ? ? ?
Fast forward to summer of 2006. . .we added paint to the front door, we ripped out the hideous lattice porch and replaced it with tapered pillars, planted a few plants, and also added shutters and window boxes. . .
Summer of 2007. . .we decided to take out the fence. Best decision we made on the house. ever. We also painted the porch black and added a porch swing--thanks to the Nons & Pops Baran!
Today. . .yea for plants that grow! I love Lowes right down to my toes.
I have thoroughly enjoyed working in my garden over the past few years. . .I used to think my sister was so crazy to work in her garden and love plants so much. . .and now I understand! Now I am just waiting for my hydrangeas to bloom. Hmmmm, in the mean-time I will go take the price tag off of my blue pot on the porch. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


  1. That IS a remarkable change! It looks so much more homey and charming.

  2. well I think your house is the cutest...

    curb appeal and all that jazz..

  3. Sarah,

    Thee are beautiful. You have really made it look like a cozy little cottage. I can't wait to see the rest!

  4. Amazing transformation. Good job! I bet the neighbors will be sad to see you go too!!!

  5. oh my word ! it looks so different! It's amazing! Nice work :o)

  6. miss sara!! I need you to come plant my flowers for me:( My yard is horribly neglected and I need to spend some time this summer getting back into my gardening! I used to love it so much.... thanks for reminding me:) Love ya.... PS thanks for the post on sylvies website the other day!

  7. um, Barbie,

    I think you just misspelled your own sister's name;)

    I love you anyway,
    Sara(with a)h

  8. I LOVE this idea!!!
    Ooooh...I would reeeeally love it if you put your close up landscaping pic on facebook and tagged each of your plants. I love your variety and height, etc. and I'm looking for some lovely fillers! :)

    The house looks fantastic. Will you miss it soooo much??


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