I do love me a Starbucks!

Anyone else out there sad about Starbucks returning to their original logo? ? ? When Steve and I vacationed in Seattle last year, we greatly enjoyed learning the history of the city--which obviously included seeing the first Starbucks establishment. I thought the logo was a little absurd and pirate-ish and, well, down-right nasty. . .but I have to admit I DID enjoy getting my 'tall, no-water, no-foam chai' from the original Starbucks!

I DO like the colors. . .but that's about it. I am not about to boycott Starbucks--because of their logo or associations. . .especially the one on Battlefield Blvd--they are the best! Because, really, if you are honest and do your research, your list of non-boycotted companies would consist of, um, maybe the Christian bookstore and Chic-Fil-A??????

Anywho, I was reminded of the whole logo saga when Steve and I stopped for drinks on the way back from the beach the other day. It was one good chai! In one nasty cup! Steve got the good cup! I am under the impression that they are going to keep the original logo for a while. . .Steve was under the impression that it is only a temporary blunder. . .any one else out there know for sure? Oh, and by the way, just in-case you are ever on Jeopardy and they have a Starbucks category, my hubby also informed me that the company is named in part after Starbuck, a first mate to Captain Ahab from the book Moby-Dick! Happy Friday!


  1. yea - tim and I agree - it's just a weird looking mermaid- oh well- like you said - the coffee is good :o)

  2. Anonymous9:44 AM

    No comment on the starbucks delema...but I as well was really sad when we got home and I realized that we had not taken one picture together with you all. I guess we will just have to come again so we can get a picture together!

  3. This is funny to me...bc I just noticed the change also but didn't know it was the original. Could do without the "details" anyway, so hope it is only temporary.

    Neat fact: Herman Melleville (who wrote Moby Dick) lived in our town (my husband used to pass his house---now museum---every day to work) and looking out his window where he would write he could see the largest mountain in our area---Mt. Greylock---and the top of it resembles a whale...thus the story, Moby Dick. Though I have NO idea where the name Starbuck came in!! :) Sorry for boring you with history... LOVE your starbucks wall!!!! I LOVE *BUCKS also!


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