My favorite place. . .

This corner makes me so happy. I love the clock. . .thank you Brooke for giving it to Steve as a Christmas gift during his single years. . .I loved inheriting it! I love my tall stack of Cottage Living magazines that call my name frequently. . .and are conveniently close to my too-comfy leather couch. I love my curtains that were given to me from my sweet honey and also from my sweet sister Barb. It was love at first glance with these curtains. . .Steve surprised me with the first set for our first Christmas and Barb surprised me with the second set that completed our living room for our first anniversary. Well, Barb actually didn't surprise me. . .she can't keep a secret to save her life. . .I think she called me from the store as she was buying them. . .I just love her to death. And am so proud of her, by the way.
And I do LOVE my antique bird planter from my friend Nons (Nancy). . .who just started a blog to keep us updated on her life! Yay! You can keep up with Nons by visiting her at: So there you have it folks. . .my favorite place in my home and the reasons why it has become my fav.................................


  1. Very nice corner, Sarah! I love the little bird planter, too! So cute!

  2. I LOVE your little corner!!! Can I come over for coffee some lazy morning??? :)

  3. Girl, you so crazy!! I believe I bought you the first set of curtains, not realizing that you needed TWO!! You were gracious enough not to tell me and Stevie Wonder bought you the second set later , but before I came ,so as not to alarm me!!:) Anyway, I love you too and am proud of you!! Love your birdie planter, it is great and the best colors ever!!

  4. okay Barbie--I guess you can't keep secrets but you CAN remember the order of things;)

    yes--I think you did buy me the first set and Steve the second;) I know--isn't that bird planter sweet? You won't believe this--I killed the fern that was in it!!!! I hope I am not losing my green thumb! boo!

  5. I love that corner too. I love that corner because that is where we often get a chance to sit down and talk in the evening. So I have great memories of that corner.




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