4th of July Celebration, Day 1


We left our house at around 7am on Friday, July 4th and met up with my sister (yesterday's birthday girl!) and her family in Alexandria, Virginia--one of my favorite places here on the east coast. (You can view our pictures from our Christmas trip here.) We had a wonderful day traipsing around Washington D.C., perusing great shops in Alexandria, lunch at Cosi, ice-cream at famous Pop's, waiting in a long line for the fire-works and being sent to the back of the line. . .

um. family secret. . .

We also had a wonderful time making fun of Aunt Sarah and her attempt to use a port-a-nasty for the second time in her life, waiting in another long line for chai tea lattes, and finally getting to view the fireworks over the amazing Washington Monument. . .and then crashing in our $51, regularly $120 hotel, thanks to Priceline. . .waking up and walking across the street to Starbucks, and sadly, saying good-bye to the Blairs. . .while we went off to Georgetown for the day. . .can't wait to share our great finds from Georgetown with you all!

It was a great day!


  1. Sounds like you had a lot of fun. SO glad you were able to actually see fireworks. Ours were canceled after we waited for a LONG time. Well maybe a half hour!

  2. Sarah,
    You guys take great pictures! Wish we could have been with you all!

  3. Lots of neat-o pictures, but I love the one of the fireworks behind the Washington Monument.

    Took my girlies to a port-a-nasty (as you called it) last week. Tried to hold them above the seat. Men don't realize how easy they have it. :)

  4. Jessica B.7:23 PM

    you went to paper source. i'm so green with envy!! :)

  5. Anonymous8:58 AM

    Looks like you had a great time with Barb and fam. Next time we head up we will have to find out where all these wonderful places are!!

  6. What fun! Looks like your fireworks show was amazing!


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