Funny for ya. . .

As many of you know, I am a piano teacher. And as you might guess, kids can come out with the funniest things sometimes.

Today as I was teaching a little guy named Seth, I noticed that he kept scratching his head, wiping his brow, wiping his hands on his pants etc. . . All while playing his song. And that takes talent folks!

Anywho, I decided to ask him if he needed to wash his hands. . .to which he replied, "No, I just washed them with my sweat."

We both promptly used the hand sanitizer.


  1. That's great! That'd be Seth for you. Oh, by the way, it was great to see you for a couple of seconds today. You looked really cute!

  2. ohmygoodness that is hilarious!!!!!! thanks for sharing the story. You many things like that have happened and I so regret that I didn't start some sort of journal to keep track of them! By the time I get home to share with Adam, I've forgotten and it's not even funny anymore. Adorable story!

  3. Anonymous7:42 AM

    Kids say the funniest things! You need to keep a journal of them...if they happen often in your piano lesson and then give the parents of your students a copy of all the funny things their kids say :o) Sherri Crowder did this when she taught Kindergarten and I thought it was a wonderful idea!!

  4. That is way funny! Cracked us up.

  5. How funny! I can see you whipping out the sanitizer!

    We had fun with your teens. Of course we missed them for half the time when we were gone. But they did a great job helping with the Fun Fest and all of the outreaches and canvasing. Wes and Wil had a great time with TJ and Paul- they took the time to play with them a little and that goes a long way to 5 and 6 year olds!!!

    I was sad that the Halls did not get to come- unless they were there before we came. Anyway, tell Julie I missed seeing her.

  6. I could write several volumes of those kind of stories. I love it! Val

  7. Tricia9:01 PM

    Funny, hee hee!!!


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