the most memorable tour. . .

. . .so far, anyway! Steve began a side-business, Virtual Impressions, when we moved here in 2005. God has done wonderful things through this little business of real estate tours, and we bless Him for that.

Sometimes, I go along with Steve for a tour. Usually because that means we will get to explore a tad and also find a fun little place for lunch. (Hidden motives on my part!) But I DO also get to spend extra moments with Steve too--that is the most fun!

This past tour was in Suffolk. And if you think our part of Virginia is red-neckish sometimes, wait until you discover a few prize parts of the city of Suffolk. !!!!

Suffolk does have it's nice parts too, though.

Let me just say, I thought we were going to be murdered. As we drove up the l-o-n-g driveway, I could see a guy standing in the doorway. But as we walked up to the door, we were told to come in by a far away voice. And as we walked through the front door, we were greeted by "the voice" cleaning his AUTOMATIC WEAPON. He greeted us and thanked us for coming. And who knows what else he said. My hand did not come off the door handle and I just knew this guy had brought us out there to murder us................

Long story short, he didn't. Kill us that is. But he had killed quite a few animals....and had a trophy room to prove it. Which didn't sit well with Miss-PETA-of-Portsmouth-Virginia. He had traps hanging on his KITCHEN WALL for crying out loud. He was definitely southern and enjoyed trapping and those kinds of things. He was in the military--just had returned from 2 tours of duty. (Which explained why he owned the guns!) But he was very nice--Steve kept assuring me that he was too nice to murder us. We also found out that his wife had just left him and his two young boys. "She loved drinking too much". Oh it was so, so very sad!

So it was quite the tour. But we survived. As we drove away, I was thankful for God's grace in keeping Steve and me. I was thankful for my relationship to God and to my husband. And I was very thankful for my husband taking me to one of my favorite places in downtown P-town for lunch. . .the Daily Grind!

They have THE best chicken salad sandwich. In case you wondered!


  1. I'm just glad you didn't get a bang out of that trip.

  2. okay dad. I am collecting myself off of the floor that you actually left a comment on my blog;)

    And now I am laughing very hard about your little joke;)

    love you;)

  3. Anonymous5:45 AM

    Are these "virtual tours" avaliable for people to view? if so where?

  4. You live quite the adventure...

  5. Glad things went okay; that would've been quite scary. You guys always end up in the "biggest" adventures :) Yes, I would love to see his virtual tours, too!

  6. First you get stopped by the police for thinking you were running from a shooting & you two were the shooters! Now, you almost get shot! That would be pretty scary though...I'm glad the guy was too nice to shoot you! You guys crack me always have another story to tell...glad you're safe :)


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