Local Yocals

This past weekend we went to down-town Norfolk and enjoyed an outside concert from "Blueground Undergrass". Quite fun! And what do ya know. . .Paul Shugrue was there. . .from National Public Radio's "Out of the Box" program. Paul Shugrue. . .who knew?!

To me, there is just something exciting about getting to meet local, public faces. . .or NPR peeps! I know our friends thought I was crazy. . .but I know that deep, deep, deep down they are really jealous that they didn't get their picture with PS. (ahem.)

Anywho, we had a wonderful time. There was a whole lot of foot tappin' and hand clappin' and mouth yackin'. ;) The only thing that was slightly questionable was the food establishment we attended afterwards. . .I highly enjoy local eats and treats. . .but this one was not the most delectable (in my opinon). Forgive me if it happens to be your favorite!

only 1 day left until we leave for New York! Any fun plans on your end for Labor Day?


  1. Looks like a lot of fun. Although, I have to admit I've never heard of Blueground Undergrass or Paul Shugrue! = ) Love all your pics!!

    We don't have anything planned for Labor Day. Roderick and I both have the week off so we are enjoying sometime together...getting oil changes, buying tires, watching long movies, etc!
    At one point we were thinking about going to NYC this week. Definitely jealous! I've never been there, but someday we'll go!!

  2. Hmmm it looks like you and Paul Shugrue are getting a little cozy....was he putting the moves on you right in front of Steve ?!?!?

  3. I had never heard of Blueground Undergrass before either, but it was fun music to enjoy on such a nice night. I must say that my barbecue sandwich from Harry's was off the chain. The only reason it was not spectacular for Sarah was because Rob's mayonnaise looked "old" to say the least. It is on Tazewell between Boush and Granby for you yocals. Check it out, best of Norfolk!

  4. beautiful photos :) looks like a lovely time.

  5. Ah labor day...I was hoping to go on a family hike or picnic, but it looks like we will probably be sticking around home to work on our budget for the next year (which is much needed!).

    Anway, your concert looks like it was fun - we love doing stuff like that!


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