"you say good-bye and I say hello. . ."

So, we said good-bye to our 4th grade class this past Sunday.

It was very hard for us to comprehend that Sunday was our last day in 4th grade. We have been involved with this ministry for the last 3 years. And we have loved every minute of it.

Over the summer, God opened up an opportunity for us to be involved with an older adult Sunday school class, the Bereans. This is an incredible opportunity for both of us--and we are anticipating the wonderful things we will learn this year.

When Steve filled in for the Berean class earlier this summer, he was teaching through the book of Ecclesiastes. If you remember this post, then you would understand the dilemma I had concerning the book of Ecclesiastes. And Proverbs. And some of Pslams. And Isaiah too. A sweet lady leaned over to me and told me to go to the bookstore in the lobby and buy a new Bible, and that she wanted to pay for it. It was so kind of her.

So, obviously, we are moving from one end of the spectrum to the other! Pray for us, if the Lord brings us to your mind. I will miss the faith-filled prayer requests of our 4th graders. I will miss my husband's challenge to them each week. I will miss hearing them say our class motto: God can do whatever He wants. I will also miss hearing stories of how God fleshed out that motto in their lives that week. However, I am thrilled to see what awaits us in the Berean class. I think children and older adults are some of the most encouraging and honest groups of people. Not sure what happens to all of us in the middle. . . Just kidding!

Seriously, we are so excited for the opportunity God has given to us.


  1. Change is hard and exciting, isn't it? We worked with the elementary kids at our church for nine years before taking a year off and now beginning to minister in the teen group. It's quite a change--I forgot what teenagers were like. But we're enjoying it already. They have some pretty tender hearts, too.

    Your husband has a beautiful wife. ;)

  2. Very nice post -- I'm sure the kids will remember you and Steve for a loooooong time.

  3. Anonymous10:07 AM

    How exciting!! I love talking with our "older" generation...They have a wealth of knowledge and information to impart to us. We will be praying for you as you transition.

  4. Anonymous6:45 PM

    Thanks for sharing your picture of your Sunday School class. I can't believe how these kids have grown. I had the opportunity of teaching many of them as 4 year olds junior church and then again in 1st grade Sunday School.

    Enjoy your opportunities with a different generation. They are also some of the most precious people.

    Rebecca Townsend

  5. thanks Rebecca--you would understand, then, how much we loved these kids!! They are so great, aren't they?!


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