Favorites from New York City, Day 1

top 10

1)breakfast at Odessa
2)Staten Island Ferry
3)seeing the Statue of Liberty
4)best cannolis on the planet
5)China Town & Little Italy shopping
6)Chevy's (best TexMex ever)
8)Ralph Lauren's window boxes
9)Time's Square
10)NYC Starbucks chai!


  1. SO FUN!!!!!!!! I LOVE NY :) Looks like you saw some good sights!

  2. I'm loving your hair on the ferry. ;)

    It's so neat that you take the time to see the beauty in the everyday. I can see that from your pictures.

    Glad you enjoyed yourself. I'm looking forward to seeing more pics.

  3. Wow! Looks like you did a lot and had a lot of fun! What are you doing in the picture with copper pipes...making some smelly something? That picture certainly made me curious. Love your shirt by the way!!

  4. What a GREAT time!!! SO...where is the anthropologie there...and WHERE did you get those fab looking cannoli's??? We're going this weekend...our first trip as a family! I can't wait-crazy as it will be!! :0

    LOVE your shirt also~~~~

  5. Fantastic pictures! It's always so hard for me to not post every single one...deleting is hard! But then when I see great pictures I remind myself that in order to showcase the pretty ones, the mediocre ones have to go! Great eye!
    I was reminded of how very very windy the ferry is - your hair is classic.
    Info on the font is on my blog :)

  6. ymm.. NYC pizza and cannoli, what could be better!! Looks like a great time.

  7. Great pictures! Funny...I don't think I've ever seen that artsy Tompkins Square Park mosaic. I'll have to go searching for it. It would make a great background for my blog. Oh wait! I don't have a blog :-)

    Enjoyed having you guys here.


  8. Mark--you're such a nerd! I think the mosaic was right on the other side of the park. . .where Trish said the nuns deliver the food to the people waiting in line.

  9. wow! what a trip!

  10. Looks like a blast! We loved our time in NYC!


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