Happy Fall from my happy front porch to yours. . .

Why am I not surprised that my Cal-girl is not looking at the camera. . .she was very intently watching her friend Cici next door. But I love this picture of my two favorite people;) And since this picture has Stevie in it, I thought I would post his favorite things about Fall...............
*the weather
*the smells of Fall--cook outs, fires, leaves
*Football Season--go Colts!
*the food--pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin pie, soups
*not having to run the heat/air as much!
* Hammock time!
*getting to wear fleeces and sweaters!
I love the Autumn season and so I happily say, welcome back, my dear friend, Fall! Hope your front porch is just as happy as mine!


  1. Your porch looks cute, as always- I am wondering, tho- why the front door looks so naked- what, no fall wreath?!?!?!

  2. It's not quite fall here yet! Almost... but then the high was supposed to be 82 today so I had to put back my jacket and sweaters and wear short sleeve again! Is that a white pumpkin?

  3. I love checking your blog! Fall sounds delightful on your front porch :)

  4. Yesterday was the official first day of fall. I think the weather is cooperating! I can't wait to start enjoying all the pumpkin foods of fall...pumpkin bread, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin pie.. Hope you are having a great week. It was great seeing you for just a little bit yesterday!

  5. LOVE the picture. Your porch is always so beautiful.

  6. I totally relate...I was just walking outside today and breathing in that wonderful fresh air...just loving it. It feels sooo good! Yay for fall! I can't wait for the leaves to change :)

  7. Ya, where's the wreath? The nest? Happy Fall to you too. :-)

  8. Jessica Breisch6:25 PM

    hey sarah....
    i had just been wondering if you had done your "fall" porch yet!!! :) I agree about the door though...no wreath??

  9. mmmm - I do love fall!

  10. ooooh. you must, I say, you must come visit New England some fall. Beautiful porch, as always. :)


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