My Newest Tool of Sanctification!

Wow! Who knew that not putting a Fall wreath on my little door would cause such a controversy?! Well, although you could not see it in my porch picture, we just installed a very large #6 on our front door. When we took down our lattice porch and put up tapered pillars, we were stumped on where to put our house #. We didn't want to put it on our brand-spankin-new pillars. . .and I thought it would look too busy with our light fixture and our mailbox. . .so after about 2 years without a house #, we officially now have one! Okay, stay with me--I am almost done explaining this. So, long story short, I am just enjoying the simple beauty of the #6 on my door. I didn't want to complicate it with a Fall wreath. . .but you might have convinced me otherwise. And I didn't want to be a hypocrite and do the fake flower thing. . . . . . . . . . .

Notice anything different about my dresser??? Yep! My best friend bought me an i-pod this week! I had never really wanted an i-pod. . .until about 1 month ago. I spend about 14 hours per week in my car and I have always wanted the Bible on CD to listen to. Well, I got to thinking about it--and for the price that we would have paid for the Bible on CD, we could purchase an i-pod that would allow me to not only listen to the Bible, but also music, podcasts, etc. . .Steve noticed that since Apple just released their new i-pod, they were also selling some of the refurbished 8gb nanos for $79-99!

This is a fantabulous deal! Click here if you are interested.

So, my i-pod came in the mail on Thursday and I was able to use it on Friday--it was so fun! (Once I figured out how to turn it on and turn up the volume.) Thanks for the gift, Steve! Steve calls his i-pod "his newest tool of sanctification". . .and I think I heartily agree with him! I am currently listening to Christmas music on my i-pod as I write this. . .don't tell my husband!!!!

EDIT: Steve just told me that I seem to be a bit off on my appears that I only spend about 7 hours per week in the car. I tell ya. . .I'm not foreseeing home-schooling in our future. At least math;)


  1. I actually did notice you didn't have a fall wreath on your front door; that explains why :) I'm so glad you were able to get an i-pod! I love mine. I agree that it is a tool for sanctification; I have all kinds of sermons and great music on there. Enjoy!

  2. Make sure you purchase the extended warranty for the ipod!!! Mine stopped working just after the year was up. After purchasing the new one we made sure to get the extended warranty. Enjoy it; they are a great way to listen to music and sermons, etc.

  3. hey Kristin--
    yep--definitely with you on the Apple care thing! We are so glad that we also had it for Steve's. .. his had one small problem and they just gave him a brand new one! Such a great policy and company! Hope you are feeling well!

  4. Jessica Breisch6:10 PM

    so I LOVE the owl!!! although I'm a bit jealous that you've become quite the html queen!! :)
    ps... i was listening to christmas music on friday at work!! :)

  5. yahoo for an i pod! We totally love ours. It is great for downloading sermons, books on tape, music - anything! I have a long commute too and it is great! Recently though I have been listening to the Chronicles of Narnia via CD in my car. I know it seems like such a kid thing to do - but I just love C.S. Lewis and is writings. I am on the third book, starting week three of listening :) Happy listening!

  6. Okay -- I am very relieved to know that your ipods are sanctification tools for you YOUNG folks -- I thought it was just me. =)

  7. I can now see the text on your blog!! Hooray!!!!! Anyway, happy fall to you both! And I just got a nano too! We got mine on ebay.....and I love it! The nano is big enough for plenty of working out music, which is what I wanted it for. They're so fun, aren't they?!?!?!

  8. well, I'll confess I didn't notice that there was not a wreath on your front door. :) I think your decor looks great! and yeah for ipods! I got mine for free through our credit card rewards!

  9. How wonderful, Sarah! I was just thinking today what a blessing mine has been in airports and walks and cleaning while John needs the house clean to study - I just pop in my earfobs and my chores fly! I know what you mean about the Christmas music - that was a rule held to in my house growing up - my sisters and I still laugh about it when we listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving - love your new background!!


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