Thanks to my husband, I am currently listening to this (The Cross-Centered Church by Mike Hanafee, Grace & Truth Bible Church). . .and I highly recommend it for your i-pod listening today! We have less than 2 months until our trip to Portland and I am beyond excited!

Just a little funny for you. . .a few weeks ago, I realized that our ticker said we had 1 month, and 4 weeks until our trip to OR. I was so excited to see the ticker under the 2 month mark that I immediately called Steve to tell him of the milestone!!! Steve said, "Babe, isn't that kind of like 2 months????"

OF COURSE NOT!!!! It's 1 month and 4 weeks!!!!!

And just so you know. . . .today makes it 1 month, 2 weeks, and 2 days until our trip to OR!


  1. I love your blog template- how did you do it?

  2. Definitely liking the friendly owl watching over the blog! Nice work :) Will you be going to Portland with friends or alone? I remember your fabulous trip to Seattle last year!

  3. They say that, for the most part, women are more detail-oriented and men are more about the big picture. I guess that could translate to being general and being specific when it comes to things like....time. That's true in our house anyway. :)

  4. I really like the updated blog look. Did you do it yourself? I updated mine, but I just used someone elses template! I'm sure you are excited to visit Portland. Wish I was going with you so I could visit all my family out there. (Including a 2 week old cousin!) Hope you are having a marvelous week!

  5. It's that math thing again! And coming from a musician, of all things!!! ;)

    SO, is this a pleasure trip??? I have noticed your comments on Josh & Loranea Tuttle's blog: will you be seeing them? (and how do you know them? our list of "common peoples" is getting longer! :) BTW, I went to high school with josh)

  6. Just to answer a few common questions. . .

    1) My blog templates, as of late, are from Leelou Blogs (leeloublogs.blogspot.com) I really love her stuff and it is quite simple to download.

    2) We are headed to Portland to meet the people of Grace and Truth Bible Church. We have fallen in love with the ministry on line. hehe. that sounds funny. But we have really enjoyed getting to know them from afar and would be exstatic if God moved us to that area next year. All I can say is that God is good--and works in mysterious ways!!! I guess this could be a blog post in and of itself! Look for a Portland post after our trip out there;)

    3) Erin--Josh and Loraena attend GTBC--and I knew who they were from BJ--although never had the privilege of actually knowing them at school;(

  7. Hey Sarah - Thanks for new spots to hunt for templates - pyzam was getting a little old - I love your love for life and sense of appreciation for the little things!!!


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