Funnies in My Files

In my spare time this week, I have been working to clean out my files. My filing cabinet has been long overdue for a purge. Not the cabinet itself, mind you--I LOVE my filing cabinet. It is an old military cabinet--full of character and what seems to be the original alphabet markers. And it weighs A TON. Just ask my dear hubby and brother-in-law. . .who lugged it up to my office on the second floor of our home!!! Oh--and the best thing about my cabinet--it was $5.

But anywho, I noticed as I was doing my purging, that I have some very precariously named files. Or perhaps I was in a rush when I named them? But to tell you the truth, I like them. . .however odd they might be. . .here are my top 3 winners:

1) Really Beautiful Things.

And if you thought file #1 was lacking in precision. . .

2) Really Good Info. (relating to ministry)

3) Vacations we'll take. . .someday

So, do you have any funnies in your files???


  1. That is funny, because I am sure I have a file somewhere that says Really Beautiful....or something like that.

    I need to get working on my files too- thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I am quite OCD about my files.....they are super organized and labeled and in ABC order & very very very neat....and I really thought I'd have a funny file too, but apparently I am too OCD to even have a funny one.....hmmmmmmmmm......Oh- and our fence is let us know when we can watch Cali for a weekend for you guys! We'd love to!

  3. I am definitely from the tech age...cause I don't really have hard copy files...mostly just computer files :) But, either way, on email - all my folders end with the word stuff - like "church stuff", or "seminary stuff" or "stuff to remember"....why do I use that word so much????

  4. You have the best background ever!! So fun! I haven't visited the blog in a while and it's so very fun to catch up on!

    I must say I was a little supprised that there was no fall wreath as well ;) But so long as you're enjoying you 6 that's all that matters!!

    The next time you find a mumm that cheap - buy me one too! ;)


  5. files...what are those? :) I wish I had a cool cabinet like you, then I might have some!


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