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EDIT (Saturday, 4:20pm): Okay, I just have to say that I know God has a plan, but I am struggling. Steve's heart has raced twice since the surgery--even though the Dr. was quite confident the problem was taken care of. . .I guess we'll be calling his office for a prescription. But thank the Lord there is a prescription for WPW! I have to focus on what God has provided even though it seems very discouraging right now. Thanks for praying for Steve!

My heart is very full right now. There are so many things to be thankful for from today. I don't even know where to begin.....................

"But GOD, who is rich in mercy". Let's just start there:)

I am thankful, today especially, for. . .
*the peace of God--even when things don't turn out the way we think they should. Going into this procedure, we were hoping that Steve's extra passage way would be FAR AWAY from his main passageway. When Dr. Woolett came in to speak with me, he told me that Steve's extra passageway was in "the worst place possible". He went on to tell me that basically, the two passageways were intertwined and that there was no way to ablate the one without destroying the other. Dr. Woolett ended up doing the freeze technique that I mentioned earlier. . .but I am so thankful that Steve didn't come out of the surgery with a pace maker. I really feel that Dr. Woolett established a lot of trust with us today--he had Steve sign a consent form for a pace maker--which was really difficult for both Steve and me--and yet he chose to not do that--even though a pace maker would have taken care of the extra passageway for sure. We were so thankful that he chose not to do a pace maker!

*I am thankful for the universal and local body of Christ. We have amazing friends--you know who you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*I am thankful for the opportunities to share Christ today. Steve was able to tell Dr. Woolett that he had confidence in the Sovereignty of God--and that he realized that God was Sovereign over Dr. Woolett's hands. When we arrived home tonight, my neighbor Tiffany poked her head out her door to tell us that Josh leaves tomorrow for another 6 month deployment. Josh came over and Steve was able to share again about what God had done today for us. I was about ready to sing a song and have Steve close with an invitation:)

*I am thankful for my husband Steve. Just plain thankful for him. Just plain love him to death.
Steve is peacefully resting--bundled up on the couch in a quilt. I have all of our candles lit and Christmas music on. . .[Hmmm, I think it's a bit humorous that Steve hasn't noticed the Christmas music yet--must be the anesthesia!] It is cold and rainy out and we just finished soup and great "Hannah Messer" home-made bread:)

It was a good day--and I just wanted to jump on here and thank all of you for praying. I am so thankful the God knows all of the details of our lives--and that we DO NOT!

We will be at home for the next 48 hours--so feel free to stop on by if you are in my hood. Just don't look for a wreath on my door. . . .cause there ain't one! But did you notice my fat #6?????


  1. we're so thankful to hear the report, we were praying today! hope Stephen has a quick recovery. (we're having homemade soup tonight too, such a good night for it!)

  2. Wish I was going to be in your hood to stop by. Know that we prayed for you guys today during our late lunch. Thanks for the update.

  3. glad to hear he's doing well...God is so good!!!

  4. Praying for you guys!! Hope Steve is feeling better soon...

  5. Hey Sarah,
    I have been so busy with our house that I got behind on your blog. Your dad filled me in though. I prayed for you numerous times today...Steve too, but you really came to my mind as I put myself in your position. Glad to hear you had "peace" that only God can give. Enjoy a couple of unbusy days at home! BTW, I painted our door bright red and I have a "autumn" wreath I made a few years ago. I'm going to carry on the wreaths, but I'm sure they won't be as nice looking as yours.

  6. SOOOOO glad it went well. We were praying for you both.

  7. We are still praying for you guys and the continued recovery and grace to handle each moment. thank you for keeping us updated.

  8. oh sarah. I wish we were near by. My heart aches and rejoices with you in God's peace. Our retreat theme for this weekend was.."Walking in the shoes of faith." I thought of you often as I know your feet are walking with your faith in God's goodness, healing, and peace. I love you and steve. Val

  9. Anonymous6:31 AM

    Wish we could stop by and bring you something but please know that we are praying for you and were praying for you all weekend. We even shared your story with our "parents" away from home who prayed with us for you all and will continue to pray for you throughout the weeks to come. PLEASE PLEASE let us know if there is anything we can do for you. We are glad to hear that all went well, knowing that God is in complete control of every step of our lives puts all of our hearts at ease. We will continue to pray for a quick recovery and added strength for both of you!!

    LOVE YOU!!!


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