Merry Christmas to me! {Early!}

1) Thank you Santa Steve for the early Christmas gift of my new Bissell Cleanview II bagless vacuum cleaner. {Say that ten times fast.}

I love my new Bissell! It is utterly amazing compared to our last vacuum. Which will not be named for fear of getting made fun of. . .for owning such a cheap piece of junk! But just to give you an idea of how cheap our old vacuum was. . .

You will notice that the container on my new vacuum is completely full. This happened after I had only vacuumed our hallway. And our hallway is the size of a normal bathroom. And I had just vacuumed with our old vacuum 2 days previously.

Needless to say, I am impressed. I am also impressed that Cal-baby posed with the vacuum since she refuses to be ANYWHERE! NEAR! THE! VACUUM! when it is turned on.

I love how God cares about the little things. I had originally researched the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser vacuum. . .you know, the reason THIS POST was published:) When we arrived at Best Buy to make our purchase, we noticed my current vacuum on sale and really liked the price compared to the Pet Eraser. While contemplating the possibilities, a lady pulled up her cart and promptly placed the Cleanview II in her cart without any hesitation what-so-ever. I asked her if she new anything about the vacuum.

And boy did she ever.

We bought the vacuum. We love the vacuum. I highly recommend it! And Dad, after telling mom about it, it appears that Santa John better go right out and get one too:)

2) Merry Christmas to me #2 because we found my turquoise ring that Steve got me on our Charleston trip! I knew that I had taken it off and put it s-o-m-e-w-h-e-r-e. But couldn't remember where somewhere was. While we moved in our Christmas tree this weekend, we found it! It was hiding on top of our armoire in the living room!

And now, I am off to vacuum my house again. So much fun! ! !


  1. What a great picture of the 2 of you!! And congratulations on the addition. We recently got a new vacuum too and it just makes the chore so much better. It's so satisfying to see that container fill up--isn't it!?

  2. fun fun fun on a new vacuum cleaner! Praise the Lord on finding the ring. I'm currently praying about finding one of my Flash Drives....uggg! Missing student's grades is going to be really really annoying if I don't find it!

  3. OK.
    #1---my husband also surprised me with a new vacuum from black friday shopping. It's a eureka, bagless one. AND, after vacuuming up HALF of our living room floor (which had been vacuumed the day prior)...IT ALSO FILLED so much of the container!!! {scary}

    #2---I could not find my wedding rings for a couple of days. I wasn't panicking yet bc I remembered when I picked them up...but I couldn't remember where I put them down. WELL, yesterday, I was putting a wet load into the dryer and I heard a CLINK...and and sound after a good washing. Praise the Lord!!!

    #3---I am totally linked with you on this post!!!! :)

  4. I am with you Sarah. I got an early gift too! A carpet cleaner. I used it and i was horrified at the dirt that I just had professionally removed last month. ewwwww! beloved son, remember him? Yes, David, walked through the living room this evening in muddy shoes!!!! I am thankful that I can clean it AGAIN. :-)


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