Oregon, Part two, in absolutely no order. . .

thanks to you, blogger. We have tried everything in our power to fix our blogger problem. I can view all blogs, except those that are closed. I can't comment on any blog at all or even view comments, including my own.

I've never hoped that a student would forget their books as much as I've hoped for it this week:) If a student forgets their books, it gives me time to do a post here at school. Obviously, a little gal forgot her books, so you can thank her for this post:)

Important things concerning this post..............................
1) We spent a bit of time looking for an apartment--and I believe that we have a few very good choices to choose from. That was a blessing to me personally, because I felt like it was something I could cross off of my "possible move to Oregon" list:)
2) God allowed us to meet with the sr. manager of a FedEx station and he was so encouraging about the move/change of positions for Steve. Normally, a FE manger will give an employee 30 days to transfer to their new position--this man was willing to give us 60 if we need it. Only God could have worked that out! Oh, and most of the trucks are hybrids--Steve thought that was pretty impressive. . .but really, did we expect anything else from Oregon? ? ? ?
3) Yes, we completely cut off Mike and Steve's heads in the picture. And yes I am wearing my sweater. Mike is the Teaching Elder and we thoroughly enjoyed our time with his family. It was another thing on my "list" to cross off: meet Mike's wife and like her. I did! And I am so thankful for the possibility of us moving out there to learn from Mike and Susan Hanafee and the rest of GTBC!
4) I believe this will be my last post until after Thanksgiving, barring a miracle to our computer-tooter. So, Happy Thanksgiving! I'll be enjoying Steve's family and my mom's french toast recipe on Thanksgiving Day. . .Click here if you would like the best french toast recipe ever. It's become our tradition for Thanksgiving Day.
Love, Sarah
5) And p.s., Yes, I loved shopping--especially in the Pearl District!


  1. So sorry to hear about your blogger problems. How frustrating! Glad you had a few minutes to post at school though. =) I'm going to have to visit some of those shops you photographed!

  2. Well, you probably won't get to read this due to "puter problems", but I thought I'd jot a comment in case you did. I love all the pics of Oregon. I think it's a shame I always visit Eugene, Salem, Albany, etc. but only drive through Portland. It looks like it has SO much character. I have an Uncle who now lives in Portland. Unfortunatly I haven't been back since he moved there more than 2 years ago.(Isn't that sad!) I think I need to fix that, especially if a friend of mine is also living there. (Or may be there this summer. = ) )

  3. Anonymous1:52 PM

    What is the Pearl District?

    Sounds like your trip was filled with exciting times :o)

  4. The pictures look so great. I had no idea portland had so much to offer. I'm excited with you as God leads you in the next part of life. I am sure you are just thrilled to sense His perfect leading in your lives!

  5. that is such a bummer about the computer problem. don't you just want to throw computers out the window sometimes?!! so glad to hear of how God is directing you so clearly (and very jealous that you have your ministry picked out:)

  6. GET A MAC...GET A MAC...GET A MAC!!!!!!! :)

    You always capture your trips so beautifully, like I am there with you! (though I would have liked to see what you had at the acorn) :)

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING, bloggy-blog friend!

  7. I am so glad that you guys got to go and visit! What a blessing. I am sure it made you feel better. I remember when we finally got to visit Chicago, how great it was!


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