Can you believe you are actually seeing a new post on my blog? I was basically harrassed (kidding) at church yesterday because I had not updated my blog yet:) It seems to be a problem with our computer--not blogger itself. Buying a new mac will solve that problem, says Steve:)

Our trip to Oregon was nothing but amazing! God's grace and love were very evident to us. I will try to post a few things each day this week--and we also posted our pictures on facebook for those of you who can view them there. But I wanted to give you a wordy update--since I can't fully do that through facebook. Thank you for your prayers for us as we travelled!

We began our journey to Oregon on Saturday, November 15th. Our dear friend Kerry drove us to the airport at a bright 6:30a.m. Yes, we love and appreciate her!

We always fly Southwest. . .and love it. We are very thankful for our $88 round-trip tickets from FedEx, even if they are stand-by. God has been very gracious to us in the fact that usually our trips go as planned without any hitches. Southwest is a little bit more relaxed than some airlines. Here are a few sayings that we heard throughout the day that were different (and funnier) than the norm!

"If we could pretend to have your attention for a moment.................."

"Please do not form a line, congregate, or throw a party at the lavatory. If you do, we will have to yell at you and you will return to your seat."

"Those of you sitting in the exit row seating, please take a minute to review the functions of that seating. Please see us if you are unable to perform those functions, don't know the functions, or just don't know what a function is........................."

We arrived in Portland Saturday night and as we viewed the Portland skyline, Steve and I were both wanting to move immediately! Our desire for Oregon became stronger as we visited with and met the people of Grace and Truth Bible Church on Sunday! We are praying that God will move us to Oregon next summer!

This is Haystack Rock. Someone mentioned to us that God gave the eastern coast (most of it) for swimming; God gave us the western coast for beautiful pictures. So true:) We spent one morning browsing the coast--it was beautiful and reminded me a lot of my home state, California.

While we were planning our trip to Oregon, we thought it was quite hilarious how many people thought it was their duty to inform us that it rains a lot in Oregon. Oddly enough, it only rained 1 day while we were there! We loved it though--rain and all.

And I was finally able to meet my blog friend, Loraena! We stayed with Josh and Loraena and their sweet baby Eliana--and had so much fun getting to know them--they were absolutely wonderful hosts! Josh is the Elder for Worship and Outreach at GTBC. It was just so encouraging to us to worship with GTBC after following their website for the past 5 months.
I'll post more as our computer allows:)


  1. AW. Welcome back and thanks for posting! I kept checking in between you and Loraena's blog for your trip! (But I NEVER post while I'm away...so I don't know WHAT I was expecting!?) So glad you had a wonderful time and that the Lord's direction for your lives is being confirmed. Can't wait to see the rest of the pics!

  2. Looks like you guys had a blast in Oregon. I'm glad it only rained once. At least all the rain does make it really green and pretty there! Glad you liked it, rain and all. It was good to see in church Sunday.

  3. I already commented on Facebook, but I have to say I love Josh and Loraena's gray wall.

  4. Love it!! Thanks for the beginning of a week of updates! I am going to enjoy reading every post....so keep them coming....as your computer allows of course...

  5. Aww...I miss you guys!


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