Christmas Cards Completed. Check.

EDIT: Well, apparently Cali did not appreciate me smooshing her little paw onto a red ink pad. 10 times.  Steve called to tell me he had some bad news.  As he was leaving for work, he noticed that Cali had taken it upon herself to show her frustration by chewing the corner piece of the pillow on our couch.  Thankfully it was not the leather couch. 

Um, NO MORE living room privileges!  We have reassembled the kennel that we thought she had "grown out of" and she spent a few hours in it while we were gone today. . .instead of being able to freely roam the living room.  Sin does have its consequences, Cali!

As if I didn't already hate the fact that she was crammed into her kennel (well, didn't feel toooooo badly), I made the most disgustingly horrible discovery when I came home.  I let Cali out of her kennel and lo and behold, Miss Zoe had left us a present in the back of the kennel. . .I guess from her last visit!  Thankfully Cali didn't eat it!!!!  

I will have to do poop checks during Zoe's next visit!  (Just in case you were wondering how in THE world we didn't notice THE gift BEFORE. . .the kennel is in our closet underneath the stairwell. . .and well, it just gets dark in there. . .and dried poop somehow doesn't smell, apparently.)

So, all of this to say, when you get Cali's Christmas card, you better be appreciative! ! !

Cali's Christmas cards, that is! Yep, found these great doggy "Merry Christmas" cards on clearance clearance clearance last year at Papyrus and just couldn't pass them up! I couldn't wait to have Cal stamp them up and send them out to her best buds! Now to work on ours. . . . . . . . . . . . .


  1. Cali is the most organized dog I know. Christmas cards done already! :)

  2. I agree, Cali must be a very organized dog. Too cute. =)

  3. re: the edit.

    Oh gross. I so know what you're talking about. =) Sorry to hear she didn't have everything quite as together as we thought...

  4. And you think you're not an organized person?!

  5. Oh, Sarah. I'm sorry - but that is funny! About the kennel that is - not the couch - I hate that for you... but the kennel story - poor Cali...poor, naughty Cali!

  6. I love the cards!!! Well, Cal isn't alone in her acting up. Gus, who NEVER DOES ANYTHING BAD WHEN WE"RE NOT HOME, had pulled 2 strands of my beautiful red berries off our tree when I came home from church Sunday. I am surprised the whole tree didn't fall over. He must have eaten hundreds of berries and managed to get the wires all into our carpet. He's been throwing up and pooping berries for days. Needless to say, he's been confined to our hallway when we've been at work this week. He just cannot handle the temptation for the Christmas tree. So Gus and Cali can share in their sadness when he comes to your house. He will need to be in his crate every time he's home alone. He's not to be trusted around Christmas trees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His sin comes out big time!


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