Disciplined I am Not.

That would be my husband.

When I married Steve, I inherited a Compaq laptop. I was ecstatic! I had never owned a laptop before and thought that I was in heaven!

Suffice it to say, I quickly took my newly acquired "thing" for granted. Steve's laptop is now approaching it's 5th birthday. . .but we aren't so sure it will live to see it's next cake and candle day.

Thankfully, Steve anticipated the death of the Compaq and began saving for a new laptop. One of the things that I greatly appreciate about my husband is the fact that when he makes a purchase, he makes a good one.

Now, believe me, I didn't always appreciate this character quality in my husband. And the reason? Because it made me feel guilty. Guilty that my style of purchasing was see and get. Not save and wait, and plan, and plan some more. ü

So I am grateful that my husband was wise in saving and purchasing. And yes, I am quite thrilled with our new Macbook Aluminum. Or Al-you-min-um, if you ask the Apple people. ü

God is good to give us things we don't deserve.

Steve was smart to find a new hiding spot for his savings, don't you think? ? ? {I raided his jack-pot for $20 on the last flea market Saturday}

I am also grateful that my husband decided to read over my shoulder a few minutes ago and helped me out with a few things. . . . . . . . . . .

#1, it's laptop, not lab-top. In light of mistake #1, I thought I would give you a giggle by telling you the Urban Dictionary's definition of lab-top. Because, yes I did look it up to make sure that Steve was correct. I'm stubborn that way.

"Lab-top"-- a word that inexperienced college freshmen (most often girls) call their new [laptop]s.

#2, it's Compaq, not Compact.

Thanks Babe! I do love me my smarty-pants man!


  1. Hehe - I can't stand it when Josh looks over my shoulder when I'm typing. =) Congrats on the new mac! I am trying not to be jealous.

  2. we are exactly the same in that andrew will save & save and I like to earn & spend. :) but I am learning how fun it is to save as well(sometimes!) congrats on the new mac!

  3. As far as the disciplined thing....totally relate :) As far as knowing how to spell...not so much jk :)

  4. That's so cool, Sarah!! Are you going to flea this Saturday??

  5. congrats!!!! YAY for a great purchase!!! Our husbands must have been cut from the same mold when it comes to spending/saving (as you & I). SO good at times/SO hard at others. :) Every time you use your mac, it will be a reminder of your perfect-for-you mate!
    Love your little smiley face!

  6. ps. have you seen all those mac vs pc commercials? you can view them all online. they are HILARIOUS. and you will totally understand now!

  7. But you are very artistic! I don't think I've ever met a very organized artistic person. :)

  8. Ha! I loved your last line...guess stevo didn't check that one!

  9. yahoo for Mac! We love ours!

  10. yahoo for MAC! girl, you need some dave ramsey in your blood! Seriously, after listening to him for a few days...you will not only want to save...but you will be motivated and excited to have a purpose and place for every dollar:):)


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