fruit and candy canes and all sorts of yummy things

So today I had a little student that just.........couldn't................quite..............get it.

She was playing the song "Have a Holly Jolly Christmas" and couldn't get the rhythm down for the first three notes. . .which, if you are musical, you understand that the first three notes consist of two eighth notes and one quarter note.

In exasperation, after trying many things, many times, I said, "Ok, say ap-ple, plum, plum, plum, plum, etc. . ."  

It worked beautifully.

Until we came to the half note.

I couldn't remember the fruit that corresponded and so I asked my little student for a suggestion for a fruit consisting of 2 or more syllables.

Her response? Candy cane 

Um, almost, sweetie:)


Thank you so much for reading here and sharing life with me!