Wisdom about Wisdom Teeth

1.I am the youngest of four.

2. I often was told things that were entirely not true.  

3. So, today, as I was unfortunately feeling my bottom left wisdom tooth poke itself through, I recalled a statement that one of my brothers told me when I was younger.

"You have to get your wisdom teeth taken out because if you don't, they will keep growing until they grow up/down into the other gum."

And so, most importantly, I would like to know. . .

4. Which one of you nincompoops is responsible for that one? ? ? ? ? ?

5. I dare you to confess.  On the blog!


  1. It looks like you are the youngest of five children! Dad
    PS That line sounds like your second brother!

  2. bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!

    Yes, probably the same brother that gave me one cheerio for breakfast.

  3. Anonymous8:39 PM

    Sounds like a Mark thing to me...hahahahaha


  4. this should get interesting, if anyone should fess up!
    I had a prankster older brother also...and now MANY stories to tell my little boy. You, my friend, were such a cutie!!

    ALSO, you asked a few posts back what Christmas music we enjoy; I want to mention a pianist whose Christmas CD we love (A Candlelight Christmas)...his name is David Osborne. He has a lot of great CD's out.

    What's YOUR favorite right now??

  5. I simply don't recall. The trauma of having to deal with two younger sisters has had disastrous effects on my memory!

  6. Mark--
    hmmm, convenient:)

    hello? ? ? ? ?:)

  7. This is hilarious!!! :-)

    That's it... we've been missing out on too much {B} action that we are now subscribing to your RSS. One of the coolest personal blogs I've seen!!! :-)

  8. Your post brings a joke to mind that a certain someone you might know has told me...

    What time are you going to the Chinese dentist?

    Happy 28th birthday...mine is oh so near! You, me, and Kristie are only days apart in age!


    2:30 - "toofh hurty"


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