An awesome first Flea of the year!

Saturday, January 3rd was the first flea market of the year in downtown P-town.  And what a great day it was!  I made 2 purchases at the flea, and 1 purchase at Brenda's Good-buys, located at the end of our street.  I have been looking for a round table for our hallway for nearly 4 years.  And wouldn't you know it. . .just around the time we are supposed to be putting the house up for sale and moving. . . I find one!  But seriously, I will be packing up this table and taking it with us to Oregon! Now if I could just decide what color it needs to be painted...................................

My pals, Kerry and Pops, were with me. . .all three of us tried to talk the lady down on her price--with no luck--which is amazing if you know Kerry and Pops. . .

But it was so worth it. . .and remember how I mentioned we wanted to begin our collection of Fiesta Ware. . .I made our first purchase at the flea as well! I LOVE the colors. . .grey, turquoise, yellow, and orange!

Purchase #3: my new owl bookends.  I love the bookends that I currently have, but unfortunately, one broke. . .$8 for my new bronze owl friends seemed like a fabulous deal to me!

Our next flea is Saturday, February 7th.  Let me know if you would want to join me! I usually stop for a Starbucks at the end of North Street or a coffee drink from the Daily Grind on High St. around 9 and then head down to the flea.  See you there!


  1. love the pretty plates!

    That table has so many possibilities. Are you going to stick to the same colors when you decorate your new place?

  2. I totally wanna come next time!!

  3. Wow, you got great deals!!! I want to go with you next time!! :)

  4. oh I wish I could join you - sounds fun! Looks like you got some great deals :)

  5. Jessica Breisch5:08 PM

    I would so come if we lived in the same state!!
    I think the table should be a fabulous shade of green or red! :)

  6. Me too!!! I wanna come ;)

    When are you moving to Oregon?

  7. Sara-I think we will be in an apartment for at least a year when we move to Oregon. . .so white is going to be the main color:) I'm excited though--you can do a lot with a white background:)

    Jenny-We are hoping to move to Oregon in June. . .we are praying for two major things: 1) that our house would sell by June and 2) that Steve's job transfer with FedEx would happen between April and June. Those are our 2 big requests:)

  8. love the owl! I think my almost- 2- year old's bday party is going to be all owls! "look hoo-hoo's two!" LOL should be a good hoot'n fun time!


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