a few pictures from California. . .


1) Nobody wants to see a fire-truck outside of their airplane. . .but we did! We were told that "someone had gotten sick". Um, ya right! An hour later we were put on another plane to Sacramento!
2) Luggage art in the Sacramento airport.
3) We stopped for dinner on the way to see Steve's dad for the first time.
4) We stopped for a few pictures at the Golden Gate after we picked up Nate from the airport.
5) Brooke & Mom B all "gowned up" to go in and see Steve's dad.
6) My dad looking quite happy about catching cat #4.  I swear someone is missing their pet cats about now!  I did ask him to put a blanket over the cage to keep the poor cat warm on it's way to the shelter!
7) Steve's dad looking quite excited about eating solid food. . .finally!  Yesterday, he was released from the hospital! He looked so much better by the time we left. Now they are waiting for the okay to leave California, return to Indiana, and begin treatment there.


  1. Glad you said that was luggage art- I kept looking at it and wondering how in the world.

    So glad Steve's Dad is doing better. We will continue to pray.

  2. Sarah, we're happy to hear he's doing better!

  3. I agree with sara. I was really wondering how they stacked that pile of luggage that high! I'm so glad to see/read you had a good trip. We will continue to pray for Steve's Dad.

  4. that salad, roll, & pie look pretty good for hospital food!! (the prego one would notice the food :)
    glad you're safely home and so glad to hear his dad has been released!
    hope you're feeling better too.

  5. As soon as I saw the luggage art, my heart did a little somersault. That was our airport before we moved up to Washington.

    And I never get tired of seeing the Golden Gate Bridge. Great pictures!

  6. My husband would have been ready for a straight jacket at the sight of a fire truck! Glad Steve's dad is doing better and I hope you all are recovering from your whirlwind trip, and feeling better Sarah :). Good to see you guys - the cutest couple ever sBk ;))))

  7. LOVE the picture of you and steve in front of the bridge. You really should get that one framed :)

  8. Anonymous11:18 AM

    I am glad that you had a good trip. Love the luggage art and the In 'n Out bag!!


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