For Sara. . .

This post is dedicated to my sister-in-law Sara. . .who is currently potty training her youngest. And had a sad run-in with poop today. I couldn't help but think of this photo that I had seen somewhere on the internet.

{Thank goodness for Google!}

Hope you have a better day tomorrow, Sara! Tell Miss Skye that we're rootin' for her!


  1. I'm potty training my twins right now. Not fun, so I needed a good laugh...thanks!

  2. Thanks for your comment on my blog! And bless your heart for inserting some humor into a potty training mom's day -- I know your sister-in-law appreciated that. I remember those days and realize that my time will be coming around again soon as my little one is now 14 months. I wasn't going to start until she turned 2 since that worked well for my oldest (and still don't think I will), but it seems that potty training is started much earlier here than it is in the States. Not that I blame them -- cloth diapers and no washer or dryer and often not even any running water in the house... (and no, we don't live like that so that's why potty training will be held off until age 2). :-)

  3. Hilarious!!!!!! For a minute there I was trying to figure out who's son was mine :)

    Thanks....and YES- m&m's just might do it.

  4. Love it! So does Buddy. :)


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