Going for a Visit. . .

Where to begin. . .today has seemed like a whirlwind. . .

As we looked through our planner for the next few months, it would seem that a visit now would be wiser than a visit later.

Steve talked with his bosses at FedEx today and they immediately gave him Thursday & Friday off and then also added Monday to the list later today.  We are so grateful!

We are currently planning to leave for California early Thursday morning and return Monday evening. I am very grateful for $88 round-trip tickets with FedEx. I am very grateful for the fact that my parents only live an hour and a half away from where Steve's dad is currently hospitalized.  I am very grateful for the kindness of the FedEx bosses.

I am grateful that God has orchestrated this visit and worked out the kinks--because it was getting very hairy looking at all of the different flights and contemplating having to come back on Sunday etc. . .

I'm grateful that Steve will be able to spend some time with his dad.

I'm grateful that there are In 'n' Out Burgers in California and that we will be eating there.  More than once.

Thanks for your prayers friends! God wins!


  1. Oh, wow; so glad that all worked out. Been praying! I know your parents are about the same distance from the hospital that we are, but if you decided you want to stay up here closer to "the other" Branines :)part of the time, you would be welcome to stay with us. We still have a guest room; haven't torn it down yet, for the baby.

  2. Oh I am so thankful! So thankful to God with you. What a wonderful way He provides and gives us good gifts as a good father.

  3. have a very special trip!
    I hope there are many blessings along the way!

  4. praise God for His faithfulness! hope all your flights go smoothly. hope you have a great visit and time spent with family. and enjoy those burgers. :)

  5. That's wonderful! And eat a Double-Double for me--I love In n Out!

  6. PTL! I'm glad everything is working out. We will continue to pray for you all.

  7. Anonymous1:55 PM

    God is an awesome God and he is good to us beyond our comprehension. We will be praying for you as you travel. We also will be very jealous of your ability to eat at In and Out!! I would say send some back to us...but I just don't think it would be the same :o) Have a safe and wonderful trip!!

  8. Okay, sounds good. Know you will have a lot going on; but if you get time to stop by or want to meet somewhere, we'd love to see you. No pressure, though.

  9. Praying for you guys, and Steve's dad too!

  10. Sorry to hear this sad news about Steve's dad. Hurray for FedEx helping make this trip possible. My Grandma Shank had colon cancer many years ago and aggressive treatment like it sounds Steve's dad is going through. She made a full recovery and although she did have a few spots come back 2 different times it was always caught early and a very simple surgery. Medicine is amazing, but God is the ultimate healer. Steve's dad is is good hands.

    BTW, You make me have an urge for In and Out!!! :)


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