Out with the old & In with the new!

Mr. Branine had a really great day today--they removed the catheter, gave him a shower, and took him on a walk.  Steve said the nurses kept commenting on how good he looked!  Steve is with his dad now. . . I stayed home at my parents' house this morning. . .seems I caught a little bit of the flu/cold/California allergies? ? ?  We figured that since Steve's dad is still in isolation, it probably wouldn't be a good idea for me to be in the same room with him! We'll keep you updated--thanks for your prayers for Steve's dad and family!

With my down time today, I thought I would post a post that has been in the "saved draft" pile for a while.............................................

When Steve and I were engaged, we didn't register for new plates.  


My poor husband has put up with my Warren Kimble farm plates long enough.  And I loved them, especially the salad/dessert plates. . .they each feature a large farm animal--either a horse, sheep, cow, or pig.  There's nothing like getting to the bottom of your dessert to find a large pig printed on your plate. 

For a while now, we've been wanting to start a collection of Fiesta Ware as well as a white dish set from Pottery Barn. On our way back from Christmasing with my family, we found an extra excellent deal on Pottery Barn's white set.  After applying our gift card to our purchase, we ended up paying $33 for the servicing-12 set!

We LOVE it!  We were going to wait until we moved to Oregon to purchase a new set (for packing reasons!). . .but we just couldn't pass up the deal!


  1. Love the dishes! And your Cal baby is doing very well. Gus will be very depressed when she leaves. They have SO much fun together!!!

  2. The white is so pretty and think of all of the different looks you can do with your table- the sky is the limit with white! You will have to post pictures of your table all set.

    Glad to hear Steve's Dad had a good day.

  3. I am so happy to hear that Steve's dad is doing so good. I will keep praying for him and the family.
    I love your dishes. Brad and I were joking that we must be old since we were SO excited to get a "real" set of dishes. We have been using snowman plates that were a Christmas gift when we were first married (7years ago). This year I decided the one thing I was going to get was a white set of dishes at the after Thanksgiving sales. Our grown up dishes are great!!

  4. so glad to hear of the good update about Steve's dad.
    I received a full set of white PB dishes back in my single days and love them! I love pairing them with colored dessert plates/bowls, etc... they are so versatile.
    hope you are feeling better SOON!

  5. I LOVE white dishes ... well, any dishes actually! Chad has banned me from buying/receiving any more dishes! Thanks for the updates ... we'll keep praying!

  6. 33 for 12 sets?!?!?! That is probably the best extra excellent deal ever!! :-)

  7. oooh gorgeous plates! So classic - they will last you through many stages in your life I am sure :)

    Thanks also for the update on Steve's dad. We will continue to pray.


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