Another exciting day in Cradock!

This story is almost as good as our "held-up-at-gun-point-by-the-police-on-our-way-to-Tropical-Smoothie" story. Almost.

This morning as I was getting ready for work, I noticed that our neighbor's dog was barking. We just had new neighbors move into the house on our right this past weekend. They have 2 sweet kids and one adorable black lab. The lab, Brandy, is 5 years old and very mellow--which, as you can imagine, playful Cali, does not approve of. Brandy wanders around slowly and sweetly and is a gentle giant.

I peeked out the window and noticed that Brandy was at the edge of her front yard, almost in the street, barking at someone. I looked and saw a lady huddled behind the car of our neighbor directly across the street. Brandy started lumbering across the street towards the woman.

Now, in the woman's defense, it IS quite a scary thing to have a dog coming towards you--one that you do not know and have no idea what it will do to you!

However, as I watched, I noticed that our little neighbor boy called to Brandy and she came back right away--never getting near the frightened lady--never laying a paw on her.

Now. The lady:

She was wearing an over-sized burgundy t-shirt and slippers.

And that's all folks!

Did I mention it was windy out?

She needed pants, but sadly had none on.

Anywho, she proceeded in all of her glory to walk to the edge of our neighbor's grass and loudly proclaim that she had been wronged. She had a cell-phone to her ear--but I am just imagining the person on the other end had probably hung up by now! She started a rambling tirade that really did not make any sense at all. . .I couldn't really understand all of her words. . .which was probably a blessing. . .however, I could catch a few phrases every now and then. . .

"Your dog--it came up on me--and bit me!"
"You just can't fix a dog like that--you've gotta get rid of 'em!"
"You're gonna pay for this!"
I basically am in hysterics now--and call the police to please come and tell this lady to go home and put some pants on!

I also am laughing at this point because she has no idea that a "nosy neighbor" saw the whole thing and can witness to the police that the dog never touched the lady!

About this time--about 15 minutes after her tirade had started--our new neighbor lady (I can't remember her name right now!) came out to ask the crazed woman if she was okay. Did I mention that our neighbor works for the police dispatch? ? ?

So when she came out--in her uniform--the crazed, mostly-unintelligible speaking woman took one look and said:"I didn't know you was police! I so sorry!"

She then proceeded to give my neighbor A HUG. And walked away. . .

. . .to find some pants, hopefully!

I proceeded to call the police and update them on the situation. . .and heard a few chuckles going on:)

Ah, another good day in my little neighborhood!


  1. Sarah- that is hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved the story! Thanks for writing it out. Scary thing is that I can totally picture a no-pants lady in our "hood" too over here in SoNo!! No's amazing!

  2. I wish I lived in a neighborhood like yours...mine is to boring!

  3. Do the police just answer the phone, "hello, Sarah...what happened now??!?"

  4. Sarah -- good job! It was even funnier reading it than when you told it to me!

  5. Thanks for the chuckle!

  6. WOW!!!! just WOW!

  7. That is a funny story!
    and what a small hubby knows your siblings and we do know Barb!

  8. ha ha ha... PERFECT blogging story! This doesn't even need a picture. I'm thinking there's more than enough that should be left to the imagination here! :)

  9. That is soooo funny! I laughed all the way through it - esp. the absence of pants! Loved the way you told it!

  10. I really needed that laugh. Oh, and I am a nosy neighbor too if I hear something going on. :-)

  11. Anonymous4:28 PM

    This is Hilarious!!! I sure hope that your neighbors don't have access to your blog ;o) You crack me up with your story telling!!!

  12. :) Great story!

    And thanks for not posting a picture!!!


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