Have you ever. . .

. . .spray painted a fake Christmas tree?

I could hardly wait to make my right-after-Christmas run to Target this year.  I had a gift card from one of my "non-naughty" piano students and I was very ready to spend it.  I also knew what I wanted to spend it on.  I have had in my mind for a while that, for next Christmas, I want a skinny, white tree that is completely and utterly chock full of ornaments. That is, in addition to a real tree--because you have to have a real tree for the smell!

I hit the jack-pot.  As you can see, I bought plenty of ornaments and a tree and after I used my gift card, my total came to $7 and change.  [the one box of ornaments towards the back has 72 ornaments]

Can you say Yippy Skippy?!

So I want to spray paint that tree.  But I am having nightmares about the paint getting gloppy or being able to smell spray paint after months have gone by etc. . .I have spray painted quite a few things in my lifetime and normally, I believe the smell dissipates.

But does anyone have any suggestions. . .besides going out and buying a white tree?

Oh, and several of my friends were worried about me and my last two posts.  Don't worry--everything is fine. And I promise not to post another discouraging post for a while.  

But to please my friend Erin, I will add #10 to the list: Menopausal women who frantically fan themselves in church--and make dying noises--but don't take off their jacket. Believe me, I sat next to one of them last Sunday.

Alright. I'm done.


  1. Anonymous6:10 PM

    Sarah I would be careful painting your tree...If you are planning on putting lights on it I would be afraid that the lights might turn your tree into a very flamable tree :o( Unless you can find some flame resistant paint :o) Hope you find something that works!! I love your ornaments though :o) Go TARGET!!!

  2. Breathing spray paint fumes is not good for pregnant women :-)

    Yippy thkippy!

  3. okay, I actually wasn't even picturing lights on the tree--but that IS something to think about if I do change my mind! lol!!!

  4. ha ha... good idea. I would have NEVER thought of it! my problem with spray paint is that it doesn't last long! It's fine for frames, wall art, etc.. but it doesn't ware very well. w something like a Christmas tree that will have to be scrunched up and put in a box I'd think you'd prob have to repaint it each year! I bought a white pre-lit tree after Christmas last year for my girls room for $3!!!

  5. Love the ornaments!

  6. Jessica B.9:29 AM

    Sarah... I had already planned to do that for next year! painting a tree that is! I got the idea too late in the season this year otherwise I would have already done it and would have advice. :) How exciting!!

  7. It would look so cute spray painted. I have no idea if it would work--but you could try it for us and let us all know :) Love the ornaments!

  8. I've never had spray paint glop before? hmmmmm... go for it... we'll all benefit from your experience.

  9. I will be excited to see your tree next season...via pictures that is! My Aunt in SC has a white Christmas tree that she decorates entirely with Black ornaments for her music room...it sounds quite odd, but it is so beautiful and elegant. I can't wait to see what you are envisioning.
    BTW, I wasn't concerned about your posts...I was just chuckling at what could possibly have caused those thoughts.
    how is Steve's Dad?

  10. okay ladies,

    thank you all for your tips and advice. I will ponder this a bit longer and see what happens! I'll be sure to let you know!

  11. what great deals you got- so fun! I know nothing about spray paint, but I say go for it :)

  12. THANK YOU!!! (sigh of relief). :)


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