It Must be Monday. . .

Here are two conversations that I had with students today. Sometimes I want to record my students and send it to their parents.

Conversation #1

Me: So, how are you?
4th grader: Huh?
Me: How are you?
4th grader: fine
Me: So, what are we working on today?
4th grader: [silence]
Me: What are we working on today? ? ?
4th grader: um, well, in piano?
Me: Um, yes. [!!!]

Conversation #2. . .just to give you a little background behind the second one. . .I have found that whenever I ask this student how she is doing, I, without fail, receive a discouraging response. I have never heard her say that she is doing well. So, in order to skip the discomfort of her response, I chose to skip that question all together today. . .

Me: So, what are we working on today?
12th grader: Hopefully nothing.
Me: why?
12th grader: I attended Winter Jam last night and I have a huge headache. I sat on the first row.
Me: [thinking to myself: I am not surprised!]

Well, Steve suggested that next time I ask her how the gopsel effects her discouraged self. If I can get the gospel working in my own self during the 1 o'clock hour next week, I sure will ask! :)

I think it is time for Spring.


  1. ha ha ha! great job recording these conversations. :)

  2. oh- I loved the part about you trying to decide if you could get the gospel working in you around 1:00 next week- I felt like that all day yesterday! God was using one of my lovely children to work patience in me on Sunday and I was feeling less than sanctified in my response to that!

  3. Beth--I know, I was hoping people didn't take it the wrong way! :) But sometimes I feel like it is so hard to live it consistently with all of my students! I'm sure it is even more difficult with your own children who are with you 24/7! :) hang in there!

  4. oh- so so funny! I told Tim he had to read these!

  5. Anonymous10:47 AM

    LOL!! You seriously need to write a book of all the fun stories you blog about!!! SERIOUSLY!!!


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